"only during a certain time" condition not working

(Mike C) #1

New to ST. I’m on the new version (not Classic) with a third generation hub (GP-U9995/VLGDA).

I’m using the Smart Lighting feature to run routines for my porch light, but none of the “only during a certain time” conditions seemed to be followed.

I have two separate routines involving my ST motion sensor triggering both a LIFX mini bulb and Sengled bulb between sunset minus 30 mins and 11:59pm, and a third routine between 12:00am and sunrise plus 60 mins.

Motion and/or no-motion is activating the routines correctly, but all three are ignoring the “only during a certain time of day” condition, and the routines seem to run all day based on personal experience, and WebCORE monitoring.

Thanks for your help.

(Tony Fleisher) #2

Sunrise and sunset depends on the system knowing your location.
Make sure that the geo location is set in your location.

(Mike C) #3

Thank you for the reply. It does look like my geolocation is set, but perhaps I’ll experiment with a hard time value to see if the problem persists.