OnHub and IFTTT (And SmartThings)

This is an interesting development: https://on.google.com/hub/blog/2016-04-28/onhubifttt/?utm_source=IFTTT&utm_medium=OnHub_Page&utm_campaign=OnHub_On_IFTTT_Button

I have been thinking about how to use some Raspberry PI 3s as a bluetooth beacon to signal SmartThings when someone comes into the house (via their cell phone connecting)…Basically, doing what was promised with the V2 hub. However, an ‘easier’ way would be to use this IFTTT recipe…when WiFi connects it trips the IFTTT recipe and then triggers a virtual switch(on IFTTT) that could then be tied to a virtual presence sensor(On ST). No programming necessary! Obviously this isn’t fool proof…you would need to ensure that if you randomly disconnect from WiFi or turn off your wifi and then on you will get a false arrival, but it is neat to have a router that can be used as a tool in home automation.

I love how SmartHomes are becoming things of the present instead of the future!


I used a similar approach with Wink using Tasker. Whenever my phone or my wife’s connected to the network, lights would go on, etc. It was WAY MORE reliable than geolocation and it worked almost instant.
The only thing I wonder is about the IFTTT delay.

was hoping for more , seems like the ZigBee inside the HUB was something they just put in just in case.

I has a radio in there for Google’s protocol, but I understand it is disabled until they decide how they want to do IoT.

Some discussion already occuring here