One UI 3.0 & Android 11 pre-beta US enrollment

Has anyone enrolled in the pre-beta for the One UI 3.0 - Android 11 and care for sharing what’s new? :wink:

Android 11 is out in production for Pixel and a couple of other devices. Got it on my 2+ year-old Pixel 2 a few days ago. You’ll find several articles out there on it.

Since my Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e only got Android 10 about 6 weeks ago, I’m not holding my breath for 11. I’m just happy to have the same gesture-based navigation on both my phone and tablet now.

Yeah, but Samsung is always one step ahead of the stock Android. Some of their features will be introduced in the next Android version.

I really dislike that Samsung loads devices down with their own versions of stock Android apps. I disable them when I can but they mostly don’t allow that any longer.

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I find the opposite to be the trend. They used to force you to keep the bloatware, now they let you disable a lot more than before.

The title is confusing. The pre-beta is for One UI 3, not Android 11.

Huh? Is for both

The way I understand it, the pre-beta is run by Samsung for One UI 3.0. A prerequisite for Samsung’s pre-beta is that you’re running the Android 11 beta. Doesn’t really matter in the end I suppose :slight_smile:

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I’m sure it’s the combination of Android and Samsung’s overlay. It’s seldom (never?) possible to update the Android OS alone. Samsung and other device makers don’t provide updates that way.

Release notes for the current beta:

" Sound detectors now work with your SmartThings devices such as TVs and lights to give you more visible"