One ST Account Spread Across both ST Servers Graph.Api & Graph-NA02-USEast1

Hi, so I picked an interesting time to join this community. Unless it is always like this and I should have been here instead of enjoying my local tavern brawl. Anyway, I can’t get much to work in my account. I know a part of it is me and being a noob, but when I went researching things it is hard to find someone not having a problem. Scary.

So here is what I am seeing. When via a web browser I log into Graph.Api I see a few smart apps I installed a few weeks ago. When I log into Graph-NA02 I don’t see any smart apps in my account. But when I try to install Smart Tiles, the automatic installer won’t let me install it to the location “Seaside” that I have setup for my home on Graph.Api. But it will let me install it in the “Seaside” location on Graph-NA02. It never then appears in my account on Graph-NA02. Does this make any sense? I get the impression that these are independent servers not a round robin or cluster.

I would contact, they can look at things and see what’s going on.

They won’t be able to do anything until you give them specific permission to look at your account, though, so if you would like to do that go ahead and state that in your first email to them that they have permission to look at your account.

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Thank you very much for the suggestion. I am wondering if they are just going to hope Thursday’s firmware update saves the world.

Hi Andreas,

The installation procedure SmartTiles is currently using is a bit of a “hack” at the moment, but it has been successful for a lot of our users.

However, there is a particular bug that is affecting installations which we don’t think is shard related. You may be encountering this as well.

Feel free to loop me in with your Support discussions:

They may hope that… but both SmartThings and us know there is no single silver bullet :bullettrain_side: here.

But it is worth noting that “Hub firmware updates” are not likely to help with SmartApp installation issues. Hardly any SmartApps currently run on the Hub … they are “installed” just by reference in the cloud (just a pointer in your Account), and executed from distributed shared memory images. So … yes, replication / propagation delay is suspected for some types of issues we’ve observed.

Thanks very much for your help. I can at least see it now in my location installed apps. There is still nothing in the main Smart Apps top button. When I try to go to the ST URL I am getting an error msg. I am too tired. This is my tomorrow night project.
Thanks again,

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