One device with two IDs in Live Logs

(Cosmo) #1

I am having intermittent issues in my system that I can’t pin down. Looking at a spreadsheet I keep updated through IFTTT for on/off activities for the front and back porch lights, I see them turning on and off at all times of night. Another problem I am having is some lights will turn on but won’t dim to the preset level. My biggest concern at this point is that I have an Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch in my home that is presenting very strange in the Live Logging. This device was added when I first purchased my Hub but I needed to remove it at one point. I have since re-added it to my system.

When looking at the Live Log and I turn on the light from my phone I see the entries ending in 88e5. When Pollster polls it I see the entry ending in 039e.

I tried renaming the device to see if this would change the entries in the Live Log. The old name is associated to the 88e5. The new name is associated to the device being polled by Pollster and ends in 039e.

Before I start removing and adding devices again I am looking for some guidance. In light of the fact that this is not my only gremlin, is my best bet to remove everything and start from scratch? We are not talking too many devices here. If that is the best solution, what steps should I follow to make sure that I get rid of as much as possible?

Like so many other users I have seen here, my wife isn’t having as much fun as I am…

Thanks for the help.

(Dan) #2

I’ve had several issues with ghost devices. This happens when two instances of the device type code runs for one real device. I got similar results in the logs, where two unique devices id’s will show for one physical device. For me, it always happened while deleting / adding the same physical device.

Almost every time, it was with device type code I was trying to write. I’ve never been able to get rid of my ghost devices without support’s help. I recommend that you open a support ticket and see if they can help clean up the ghost device.

(Cosmo) #3

Thank you for the response. I will open a ticket.