One Alarm Control SmartApp that does it all?

What I want is a SmartApp that I would call “Turn On/Off All Alarms”. I have a Siren, actually several, hooked up to my Sensors. It works great! Whenever a Sensor is “opened”, an alarm goes on. When the Sensor closes, the alarm shuts off or I can make it stay on, either way. However, I would like one SmartApp where I can turn them all on/off at the same time. When we leave the house or go to bed, I can manually turn on all the alarmed sensors. When we are in the house and awake, I can turn them all off at the same time. Does that make sense?

Have you looked at Smart Alarm by @geko ? It has this feature and many more, including alarms by zone. Very popular in the community.

Smart Alarm 2.4 Is Available

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Yes. I just downloaded and installed it. I am learning about it now!

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