One account multiple hubs - cross communications

if i put multiple hubs on one account will they be able to communicate between each other?

say I have a contact or motion sensor on one hub that gets tripped, would i be able to trigger a siren on a different hub with an automation?

The communication will be hub <-> cloud for each hub and the Automation will run in the cloud so it will work.

One of the drawbacks of running multiple hubs is that you inevitably limit what can run locally as the hubs don’t talk to each other. I don’t know if that is something that will be possible in the future. At the moment multiple hubs aren’t really encouraged anyway.


I probably should clarify, for those reading the thread in future, that my answer is for multiple hubs on the same SmartThings Location.

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While you are able to add multiple hubs to one location, I strongly advise against it. I’ve never seen a requirement that it be supported so internal development may or may not take it into consideration. I would treat it as do so at your own risk.

i set up a new hub v3/aeotec and hard rest so it would pull down the latest firmware. for the time being i will slowly transition all the zwave devices over to the new hub. will monitor things along the way and hopefully eventually transition over the zigbee devices too. thus, only having the new hub with all devices.