Once working Z-Wave Switch - little LED turns on/off, but actual light fixture no longer?

This Z-Wave switch… which I can’t recall is a GE or Honeywell or Jasco (I think they’re all the same, no?) suddenly stopped responding to my SmartThings app. As you can see from this video, the little blue led goes on and off as I tap the app, but the light, directly above the switch remains ON. Any idea? Also, my other switches, when the led light toggles, make a ‘click’ sound as the actual lights do go ON/OFF. This one is now silent, just the blue led.

Older Jasco (includes GE & Honeywell) have capacitor problems and die.

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Odd. Anyway for anyone else. It was a Honeywell Zw4008. Decided to reset the breaker… and bingo. working again?!