Once a Day App for Blinds Opening and Closing

Thanks to the device types from Chris Wood and Ashwin, as well as all the posts I was able to set up my new Somfy blinds without issue. I can easily control them from the Smartthings app. But I am having some difficulty finding a correct app to program them with. I would like for them to close and open daily on a schedule. Does anyone have suggestions as to which app might be best for this usage? With some of my other attached devices I can go under Things>Smart Apps and find a once a day option for a SmartApp. The same option does not appear under the blinds.

Any thoughts? Any work arounds?

Thanks in advance.

@scottadelman, if the device type for that has the right capabilities, could you use Smart Lighting? If it has Switch capabilities, I think you could do it that way.

Thanks. I will search for that and try it. Thanks for the suggestion