On Stop Shopping, IE smartthings IDE include app functions

(Brian Bacon) #1

Smartthings folks, feature request, when I’m working on a smart app, I’d like to be able to after publishing an app, be able to include and configure my app without having to go back and forth to my phone. Seems silly to not have a web interface so you can control your system from your nice big computer monitor anyway…

(Eric) #2

did you try
google run android app in browser

(Brian Diehl) #3

BlueStacks? Andy? Both work great

(Brian Bacon) #4

Oh, I’ve tried bluestack (to gamey) Andy (very slow) and right now I’m trying Android X86 on VirtualBox (since I use other VM’s, which by the way has been the most responsive). However that misses the point for me. Sure that’s a hack way of doing it but to me two things, First from a professional developer’s perspective the application is incomplete, again, one stop shop… Second, for the non-techy person who’s learned how to install existing written smart apps and handlers, I’m sure the they would not bother with VM’s. My point is we have half the system on web and the other half on mobiles. The piece that’s on mobile is appropriate, you wouldn’t normally develop smart apps on the mobile device so that fact that that piece is web only makes sense. It’ doesn’t make sense that the management piece is mobile only… So that’s why i’m asking for the feature to be added…