[On Sale] Aeon Labs Minimote

Just FYI


Thanks for the notice. I have one of these, but have thought it would be nice to have another

does the add device and remove device work?

Aren’t there different versions of this remote?

Based on the info I can find, The Aeon Labs DSA03202-V1 (G1.1) Z-Wave Minimote contains the same functionality as model AeonLabs DSA03202W-ZWUS, which is the US version


Button functionality, which can be updated with the firmware download, does not necessarily have anything to do with the frequency Of the broadcast. The zwave commands are exactly the same. The antenna is just tuned a little different. And since the antenna frequency can’t be changed with the firmware download, you’re really talking about two completely different kinds of functionality here.

It may well be the US frequency. All I’m saying is that the product description doesn’t specify that it is, and people have had that issue with buy dig transactions before.

No, but it also doesn’t say that it’s the same as the DSA03202W-ZWEU either.