On/Off is backward when I use Leviton VRPD3-1LW with SmartThings v2

I’m a total newbie here. I just purchased the Leviton VRPD3-1LW dimming module and the SmartThings v2.

I can control the Leviton dimming module using the SmartThings app but the status shown for the dimming module is backwards (it says it is On when it is Off, and Off when it’s On). Does anyone know what’s wrong or how to fix this?


Have you plugged any device to the Leviton module to make sure it’s not ON and it’s showing incorrectly on the SmartThings App?
In my experience, the front LED on the Leviton is Lit when the device is OFF and is NOT Lit when the device is ON, and that is very confusing for me too :sweat_smile:

Thanks RudiP.

You are totally right. The Leviton’s front LED is on when the the outlet is off. Everything is working as intended.

Is there a device handler that will allow for changing this behavior? I prefer the les indicator to be off then outlets or switches are off and on when on.

That is a very old device, and does not appear to have any configurable parameters. Check with Leviton support to be sure.


If it does have configurable parameters, you can use the Z wave tweaker to set them:

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I actually have the dzpd3. I’ll check out that link though.

Then you should not have posted in this thread. :scream: That’s a completely different model with completely different features. They don’t even have the same physical buttons.

First rule of home automation: the model number matters.

Please start a new thread and list your model number in the title.

I am being a jerk about this because I am not feeling well, but I remembered having read the specs for the device listed in this thread title a couple of years ago, and I spent time to go find it and post the link. But that link is irrelevant to your model, so it was just a waste of both our time.

I apologize. A google search of the model shows a picture that looks identical to mine. I incorrectly assumed that they were similar or perhaps one was an older version of the same unit or possibly the same unit from another country with different model number. Anyway, sorry about that.

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No problem. Lots of home automation devices use identical plastic cases, but have very different chips and firmware inside. So you can never go by just looks.

Anyway, start a new thread, and I’ll reply to you there as there is an answer for your particular model . :sunglasses: