On Demand or Configurable Reporting ST Thermometer

Believe it or not, there are many entries about these devices. People want/need a thermometer where they can get the temperature on demand, or can set a specific reporting interval.

Many of these devices only report temperature when it is changing or if the change of significant. Some only report every six hours or so to save the battery.

My specific need is having the exact temperature of a room on a different floor in my house available when I need the information. I don’t need it from five hours ago, I don’t need it from last week, I don’t need it within five degrees. I need the information now or when I ask for it and it needs to be accurate.

From what I’m seeing, no one has found this device or if they have found it they’re too busy playing with it and enjoying it to talk about it. I have been through Aqpapa and Sonoff (won’t stay connected), Visonic (not configurable), and several others. Just today, I ordered three more manufacturer’s devices in order to test them to see if I can get what I want.

Has anyone found a thermometer that will report either on demand or at a configurable interval?

I will add this codicil: Because I am limited in what I want, I have not looked into many multi devices could possibly hold the key to what I’m looking for, if there is one of those let me know.

There are two separate issues to consider at this time. The first is that almost all of these will require custom groovy DTHs, and we know those are going away soon. So that’s just something to keep in mind.

Second, the main engineering design issue is battery life. A battery operated on demand or minute by minute temperature reporting sensor will probably need to have the batteries changed every two or three months. It’s doable, and if Fibaro multi sensor is a good example of one that leaves the choice up to you, but it’s not what most people are looking for. But Fibaro will let you set the reporting interval down to one second if you want.

The Aeotec trisensor has a similar configurable parameter, with the same warnings on battery life.

But I would think one of the best candidates right now is the Aeotec multi sensor six or the forthcoming multi sensor seven. these have the ability to be powered by USB, which allows you to get real time temperature readings without any concerns about Battery life. And I have hopes that because of the Aeotec partnership relationship, these will be one of the early devices to get edge drivers. Although I don’t know how configurable they will be. But I feel optimistic about it.

There are a couple of other plug-in possibilities, but I’m not sure they even have current groovy DTHs, let alone any chance of an edge driver, so I’ll just say that they exist and looking for a plug-in solves the issue, but I won’t detail them here.

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Wow thanks for lots of great info!

I looked at the Fibaro, but to be honest at the eye of Zoran formfactor kind of creeped me out. I will take another look at the specs tho.

As for Aeotec and Zooz the price is probably driven by the motion sensor, something I don’t really need. But I will Circle back to those. Zooz is my favorite vendor, their power strips made me life so much easier.

I fully understand about the battery life being an issue. Are the devices that are using AAA, AA or C there is a plug-in work around for those that works really nice and it is either USB or direct wall plug-in. I use one for a BookNook. But realistically as long as they’re just a common battery that isn’t too expensive, I wouldn’t mind replacing it every month to get the performance I want. I may have purposely overstated my need for reporting but I am frustrated that none of the devices I have will.let me set the interval I need.

Thanks again for the fast and thorough response.

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