OMG you guys! Samsung just bought Joyent

“This acquisition is likely to bolster Samsung’s strategy around smart home devices, which often require the backing of cloud services like Joyent’s to store data, handle the heavy lifting of computation, and deliver data to smartphones and other gadgetry.”


Good for them. It will help tremendously to support the Artik platfom! :slight_smile:


A Somewhat more technical article:

I disagree with some of the conclusions in both articles. This is definitely not just about IOT. Or even primarily about IOT. Samsung has been looking for a way to shift galaxy cloud processing for a while. (They currently use AWS.). That’s a current practical need for them.

I definitely do agree that it’s likely this will be Artik’s new home. And medical, health, and fitness data right now is a much bigger market then IOT. (Yes, that will change once we got to about 45% adoption for smart homes, but we are a long way off from that at the moment.)

So I think this is a good move for Samsung, I think this is exactly the kind of acquisition where you can let the acquired company basically do what it was doing, you just provide them with resources to market and scale, and it replaces a service that Samsung has been paying an outside company to provide.

I don’t know anything about details of the joyent technology, so I can’t judge it from that perspective. But if you just say “Samsung bought a major cloud services company,” it sounds like a good decision. :sunglasses:

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Not a bad idea for Samsung to have its own cloud. Joyent has had issues of its own, including a mass rebellion associated with its “shepherding of Node.js”.

And nowadays, I wouldn’t tout any association with Peter Thiel. The man’s name is dirt in all the tech and journalistic circles I know.


Joyant CEO’s press release