Older Hub with New Multi Sensor, will it work? NEW Motion Sensor?

GM, I need to get a new Multi Sensor, * Model Number: IM6001-MPP01, for a door (previous one isnt working), are the new look/design sensors compatible with my older Hub (looks like its STH-ETH-250) ?

Also want to get a few bulbs for indoor/outdoor use. I see the Cree A19 is listed here as In/Out rated but saw on Amazon listing as Indoor only. Do they work outdoors as well?


The multi sensor will work fine.

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Thx, hope to order later today.

Any info on cree outdoor rating?

Not sure. Don’t own any.

Thx, hope to order either Cree or Sengled to try out for both indoor/outdoor

FWIW, I have some Sylvania in an enclosed fixture outside for over a year and they’ve been fine.

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The axis orientation data doesnt work on the v2 hub, a few have mentioned it in the STC. I am guessing it will just need a device handler tweak. Its still early days though.

Sensor only lasted 3 months, showed unavailable a few days ago, couldnt get it to reset, swapped battery still no luck, removed thinking I could add again but now its not even found… hate it didnt last long, have there been issues with this model?

I need another sensor to replace this on my front door, thinking I should get a motion sensor to monitor area instead, any opinions on :slight_smile: