Old, undeletable device only on app

There are two devices for my ecobee thermostat in the iOS app: EcoTherm: Living Room and EcobeeTherm: Living Room. The latter is the active, functional device corresponding to my physical thermostat. EcoTherm: Living Room has been around I believe since I migrated to the new app a while ago. It only seems to exist in the app, is always offline (expected) and cannot be deleted (the delete button in the app doesn’t do anything). It is not listed in the online portal, but I wonder if it exists in another Location that exists outside of the graph-na02-useast1 region? Any ideas how to remove this device? Tagging @storageanarchy since I am using the sandood ecobee suite in case it’s relevant for some reason.

Are you able to see it as a device in the IDE:


https://account.smartthings.com is the best URL to use to access IDE

the URL posted above does not forward you to the correct SHARD.

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No. However, nothing shows up there because I suppose all of my hub/location information lives in the graph-na02-useast1 region. I never understood why smartthings exposed the different regions to users and didn’t handle that routing behind the scenes.

they did… use the URL i posted instead.


account.smartthings.com redirects me to https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/
graph.api.smartthings.com does not redirect and takes me directly to graph.api.smartthings.com where i have no hubs or devices, but a single location that when clicked takes me to https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/. maybe i could try to manually navigate to other regions to see if the device exists there? what are the other region urls?

You dont access them. If its redirecting you to that ‘shard’ thdn thays where your stuff is.

Always use the url jkp recommended to access the IDE. (using other urls can cause errors)
Once you’re logged in click ‘locations’ on the top menu
in the resulting screen there will be a table. If you have multiple locations they will list here…
In that table is a list and devces should be one of the entries.
Click on that devices entry and now you’re in the correct device list for your location.
In this list. Is thay device you cant delete here. If so click on it. You should be able to delete it here.

If its not in this list you have an issue support will have to help with.
If edit/delete here doesn’t work support will probably have to help.
Otherwise you will be able to delete it here

Thanks. I do always login via account.smartthings.com. I meant that smartthings shouldn’t expose the regions in the URL because it can lead to confusion for people that don’t understand the shard stuff and may be copying links from forum posts.

As mentioned in the original post, the device is not listed in the IDE. Sounds like i’ll need to open a support case, thanks.

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