Okay to Upgrade S20+ to Android 11?

Will SmartThings still work if I update my Samaung phone with android 11? It was just released on Verizon and I thought I read about issues and support blaming everything on Android 11. I can’t imagine SmartThings not being able to work on Android 11 on a Samsung flagship phone.

My Pixel updated to Android 11 3 months ago. I still have problems that aren’t fixed.

As absolutely ridiculous as this is, I’d recommend waiting until there is an app update specifically for Android 11 before upgrading your phone.

Also, put in a support ticket, the more Samsung gets maybe they’ll update things a bit faster.

Any Samsung Galaxy owners running android 11?

Eep! Wrong. Only on android 10 on the tablet. I forget how slow Samsung is with updates. Tablet updated to Android 10 a couple of months after Pixel 2 updated to Android 11

I upgraded my Verizon Galaxy 20+ to 11 over the weekend. Everything seems to work as it did before, except that they moved things around in the notification dropdown and put the devices that were there one more step away. A shame, as it was useful as a quick way to access devices without opening the full app.