Ok... it's Monday... Brain Freeze (Adding delays between steps in Harmony?)

So I made a virtual switch… and gave it a name… and when I say the name to Alexa, I want my Stereo Cabinet switch to be turned on… wait 5 seconds (and that is where I can’t remember what to do) then turn on my blue tooth receiver, and then turn on a Harmony activity… but man… brain dead on how to do it… can someone trigger me??? Thanks

Put the delays in the harmony activity in the start up sequence.

Or use Core. :wink:

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Im not home so these may not be exact since I’m going from memory, but it’s something like the following: From the phone app, tap hamburger menu, Harmony Setup, add/edit devices and activities, tap the activity you want to change, edit startup sequence, change entertainment devices, add a step/add a delay. This will add it to the bottom of the list of startup commands, but you should be able to drag it to whatever position you want.

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Pretty darn good memory, @destructure00. :slight_smile: You have spent WAY too much time w/your Harmony remotes. :wink:

Here’s a path in the Harmony mobile app from the Activities tab:

  1. Go to your Activity list (should appear automatically when you launch the app).
  2. Scroll to he bottom of your activities and tap on “Edit Activities”
  3. Tap on the activity you want to edit.
  4. Select Edit Start Sequence
  5. Scroll down and select Edit Entertainment Devices
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select Add a Delay and then add the delay. Set the delay time by dragging the marker on the bar (it defaults to 1s but I think you have to drag it back and forth back to 1 or what ever you want the delay set set to.
  7. Hit right arrow to save the delay and then drag/drop it where you want it in the start-up sequence.
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