Ok, crazy idea for a security keypad

So first, take this basic design, and make it a security keypad for ST with the ST shield.

They key difference:

Your code to disarm ST wouldn’t be a numerical code, but a directional code like “up up down left up”

What the arduino would do is every time you wake up the keypad, it lights up a random key and you click the button adjacent to it according to your directional code. It would then light up the second random key, and so on. If the key that lights up is on the edge, you would wrap around to the other side of the keypad.

I was thinking this would make it harder for onlookers to snag your code.

…yea, my brain doesnt think inside the box, or even know what the box is made of

Sorta like Android phone unlock screens. I like it. Do you need a shield to mess around with this?

Hmm… that’s 4 ^ 5 = 1024 combinations, which is roughly equivalent to 3-digit code. Not terribly secure, but original :smile:

I love the idea.

It could be setup as a keypad as you press the number to disarm they light up.
When it’s armed the appropriate armed light is lit up Stay / Away

You could use the other 4 buttons for Modes or other actions or colors for alerts etc. Maybe pressing one of the other buttons then a number would toggle a device like a switch… So many possibilities.

I would put this on the front door and make so I have to get through at least 10 rounds of Simon Says before can get in.

Would be fun after a few drinks :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would also reduce the wear pattern. My garage door keypad has a ten key but takes only four numbers. It is easy for anyone to see the four keys used over time. It might as well have just four keys.

@ben I would love to! With the ride coding options it could be a multi purpose device as @mattjfrank proposed

@geko what if you could make it any length you wanted and the lit up key is an option? 5^5 = 3125 and beyond :smile: “up up center down left”

@mattjfrank It definitely has the possibility for a multi purpose controller like scenes and zones. Of course that would include quite an extensive app to control groups of lights.

@urman lol maybe if you type in the code wrong twice it starts a game of simon! haha

@geko throw in diagonals now you have 9^5 = 59049 but may get confusing to remember.

Got the matrix in today. Did a little playing around. Very responsive!