Oil Tank monitoring?

Thanks so much for sharing the info on these remote oil tank solutions. This is exactly what I have been looking for to remote monitor a long distance property rental. Very helpful!

Any new devices discovered that integrate with ST to monitor an oil tank?

Hi there,
You’ve had the oil tank monitor for some time now, is it still working as well?

I’ve had previous bad experience with other types on monitors which stopped working - water into the sensor.

Many thanks

Hi Jeanie,

My Sensor also stopped working at some point last year. I chatted online with OilPal and they sent me a replacement free of charge despite being well out of warranty… (I did pay for the shipping cost to send my old sensor back to them!).
I have now been using them for a few years… Top company and top support… very helpful.
My “new” sensors is now working for the past 8 months, all good …
Very happy with the product, solution and company.

Hello Jeanie, I am using different types of Remote tank monitoring devices. But I think Level Pro Sentinel Remote tank monitoring device is the best device in the market, because this device didn’t stopped working till now. Know about this device you can visit Icon Process Controls website. You can also contact with them via phone: 905-469-9283 or email: sales@iconprocon.com.

Charles Riley

That looks like an expensive option! Would there be any integration with ST?

So has anyone found a intergratable oil tank sensor for ST? Otherwise, im going to begin the process of building and creating one, using a ESP8266 as a backbone. All the “Connected” solutions are quite expensive, and I dont need multiple platforms to monitor home systems.

Keep us posted on your progress!

One option I thought of is using a modified version of the Watchman Sonic Oil tank gauge - this is a low cost option ~£60 in the UK.

You could hack the receiver to publish the data to ST using something like this: https://github.com/mjc-506/Watchman-Arduino/blob/master/data_capture.ino

Related: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/oil-tank-level-monitor-watchman-sonic-rtl-433-integration-for-rf-sensors-or-level-sensors/223986