Oh you upgraded your hub? Delete EVERYTHING and start over...THANKS FOR BUYING!

I feel like you, without the heat and punctuation. That is pretty much why my hub v2 in still in the box. At this rate, it will never see daylight.

nice rant - thanks for saying it for me. But “no migration tool” is a feature of hub v2.

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I feel like the ‘tool’ in migration tool :wink:


but hey! you’re able to rebuild and optimize your routines again :joy::wink:

I’m kidding. It’s coming. The migration tool is their top priority, slated to arrive at the end of 2015.

Plus, V2 has bluetooth antennas and USB’s for future expansions! What’s not to love about the v2?


I’ll be absolutely honest. Between the Gear S2 watch app STILL not being out, and there being no Migration tool, no Bluetooth, nothing, I’m at the point now where I want to ship this junk back, get my money back, and use that money to buy a zigbee and z-wave transceiver and make my own localized hub. If I can figure out how to do this, then I’ll share it with you guys and we can have a nice ‘F-You SmartThings Party’. How’s that sound?

Only if there’s a migration tool… Lol


The actual migration to V2 didn’t bother me all that much. Yup, lots of work but… well, I;m retired and this is a hobby. What bother me more is that this effort proved to be a complete waste of time. The most of features promised with the V2 hub never materialized. In the end I moved most of my z-wave devices to z-wave stick plugged into my Pi3 and run Home Assistant (HA) along with EventGhost (EG). All my LEDS and Wemo, while accessible from within ST, are controlled via HA or EG. ST still has some devices/apps I cannot get to work within HA and Routine/Mode changes are still handles within ST as well. I have decided that ST has till march/17 to deliver on its promises and if they dont and/or the system still has too many instabilities I am bailing.

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I haven’t upgraded my hub to v2 either, even though I got my on the initial shipments with my pre-order.

I’m truly amazed at 358 smart apps with only 28 devices, at least you could use the upgrade to optimize the setup. It was VERY clear there wasn’t a migration tool, almost everyone has been complaining about it.

there are 2 threads about this going on right now, and ST staff it interestingly quiet on both.

You know, I think it’s pretty clear I didn’t do the research to figure that out. Honestly, I didn’t think any research would be needed, it was kind of a no-brainer that the upgrade SHOULD be simple. It was unexpected that it wasn’t simple at all, and that’s why there are so many complaints about it, because everyone ELSE was also caught off guard. I think I can be forgiven this one time for that misgiving, as I’m clearly not alone, so, I wouldn’t mind everyone getting off that band wagon :).

I think everyone’s upset about this, and, to be frank, I don’t think smartthings really gives a rip about us or what we think. Yeah, it might be on their plate, but let’s face it, it’s obviously not important to them at all, to not even have an ETA, or for that matter to stick to said ETA, or make said ETA even remotely important.

I really do think it’s high time this community stood up and put a boot in their rear ends. This isn’t the first time this has happened, even since I’ve been on board, and I’ve been here for at least a little while. None of this is acceptable at all, and they don’t seem to care. So, serious question, what can we do to MAKE them care? And if after that they don’t care, what can we do to show them that if they don’t care, then we won’t buy into their product? I mean, we’ve already spent money on them, so they’re laughing at us already saying, “If you want to go, just go, we already have your money”. I really think it was a mistake for smartthings to sell to samsung. It was a much better company before they moved over.

I can empathize with your position but as for me, I was an “early adopter” back to the Kickstarter days so I know that there are going to be bumps along the way and I was willing to accept that for being the “first on the block” to get this product. I see their V2 hub as the product that they should’ve come out with first and even with that, I don’t see a huge amount of difference in actual operation. It would be nice if SmartThings would turn on the Bluetooth and at least let us play with that feature. I would also like to to have more robust local processing so that we don’t have to rely on the cloud so much. I believe the V2 hub is going to be much more expandable with firmware upgrades, etc. so I’m happy for going through the pain of upgrading to the V2 hub. Now, when the V3 hub comes along, that will be a totally different matter… :slight_smile:

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It’s been said a hundred times on this Forum in a dozen contexts.

You only have the same remedy as any other consumer product. If it’s in the return period, return it. Otherwise sell or toss it, take your lumps and move on. About $99, right?

Feel free to share your experience with other consumers and consumer / gadget media.

This is not much different than buying a $200 to $700 phone that turned out not to take as good pictures as promised… Or which had batteries that exploded.

Actually, it’s not like that at all: SmartThings has a tiny number of Customers compared to Galaxy phones, etc… The majority of SmartThings customers have fewer than 15 Things and thus migration is trivial. The majority of SmartThings customers don’t exist yet… They only exist in the far future when these problems — or the entire product — may no longer exist.


I got in on the V2 pre-order and just recently migrated from my V1 hub. Painful… though I only had 30 devices, and limited automation.

Not to pour salt on the wound, but I think the V2 has poorer ZigBee RF than the V1. I had to relocate my Hub using a powerline ethernet extender to a more central location in the house (V1 was originally in basement). Also had to get som ZigBee outlets to act as repeaters… expecting to move in the next few years so no in-wall switches/outlets. All in all, things seem to have stabalized.

But yeah… WTF, ST? No migration tool? I won’t be migrating to V3 with no migration process… Its pretty ridiculous.


Ouch… That really hurts… The note 7 was an incredible phone… 'cept for that whole blowing up thing…

I was just thinking last night that I’m content with my new S7 Edge… But it definitely isn’t the note… And Samsung has destroyed the galaxy note name… And I won’t but anymore Samsung products…

Bwahahaha yeah right. I don’t care about the name… I care about the quality and galaxy phones are the best there is!

Which even with all of the crazy of ST… I’m staying here…

Not to derail thread, but this could be due to zigbee channel selection. Each ST hub “randomly” selects a zigbee channel and you can’t change it to minimize interference. You might want to check your zigbee channel on the new hub and see if changing your wifi channel makes sense.


I would agree with that. I’ve had 2 v1 and 2 v2 hubs, and I haven’t noticed a difference.

or, you can add zigbee repeater devices like the ST/Iris smart plug to strengthen the mesh. That’s what I did and it made a huge difference.

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I didn’t analyze the Wi-Fi / Zigbee channels in depth… After migrating the sensors, I turned off my V1 and placed the V2 in the same place. The motion sensor joined fine, then started acting flaky after moving to the its place on the 2nd floor. It was never the same. Moved the V2 hub to the main floor and the motion sensor regained the reliability as on my V1… so yes, the Zigbee channel may have changed during the relocation…


Did my upgrade yesterday. What a PITA!!! 89 devices. 12+ hours. Some flaky issues, Core is giving me fits now and one of my motion sensors will not update temp lux right anymore. My RGBWs don’t work the same any more. All and all a pooooooooor customer experience.

No, he can bitch about it, which generally makes you feel better.

I hear this all the time, where does this come from?

At this pace, they never will.

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This came from the ST staff telling us… They were just letting us know that some of our bathrooms have more devices than the average user.

Lol my toilets have their own motion sensors!


This experience is what I’m afraid.

Ain’t no one go time for that :poop:.