Offtopic: connecting Samsung ks8000 to old 5.1 Sony ks1100 receiver via ARC hdmi

Hey guys!

I’ve got an old Sony 5.1 audio receiver (KS1100 I believe?)…

I just saw the ARC hdmi on my samsung ks8000…

Could I connect the tv to the receiver on that port and connect my Wii U to the receiver and have it all work with just one remote?

What would the best connection be in that setup?

Yes. Although the tv has to have Anynet+ turned ON in settings. Try it out. Also you’ll need to pick the audio output source in the TV speaker menu and/or add the receiver as a device for the smart remote in the TV settings. I don’t think the wii u can be controlled with the Samsung universal tv remote but when you press buttons on the Wii u the TV will turn on, if you leave the receiver on all the time.

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I guess you mean just leaving it in standby but with power available? Or completely powered on, with the screen on and all?

I currently use a toslink fiberoptic cable to connect the tv to the amp… will I still need it? (I am aware this could be device-specific!)

Update: ugh… guess the sony str-ks1100 is just way too old… managed to get the Samsung KS8000 remote to control it… but I had to to choose… audio and control or video but no audio or control… not all at the same time! lol!

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With Arc the tv remote controls the volume of the HDMI Arc connected device. It’s like a remote but it sends the signal through the HDMI instead of the ir sensor.

For Arc

The TV HDMI input active has to be the one that supports arc

Anynet+ has to be set to ON in the Samsung TV settings menu.

The audio receiver must be fully powered on. Standby mode works with some receivers for passthrough, but Arc requires power over HDMI to control the volume using the tv remote on the receiver.

So it should work. Those Sony receivers have a settings menu I think. It shows up on the Arc connected tv screen if u press menu on the Sony audio remote.

Also the optical is confusing when trying to use Arc, when you’re setting up Arc, unplug the optical until you get it setup. The receiver has to pick the audio in source, either arc HDMI or optical. The Arc volume control doesn’t work for optical connections. Hope this helps!

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I’ll give it a go tonight, I’ll be back with updates… thanks for the theory class! :wink:

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What if I want to watch regular TV? That doesn’t use an HDMI… oops…

yeah, that’s the rub, tv apps. In that case you can change the receiver input to optical. It might still work with arc if you’re on the same arc hdmi input then open the app. I noticed on my 8 series the tv keeps the same input settings active if watch an input then open an app. For example, It will stay in “game” mode if i’m playing on the nintendo and open netflix app it’s still in "game"mode.

lol right, ARC is such a cluster.