Offline Devices! Hub Reset?

Over the last week or so My garden lights and Landing lights have stopped working.

They work if I press the button on the Aeon smart switch So that still working.

I was thinking about resetting the hub but how do I exclude devices if the hub can’t currently see them.

I’m assuming it cant see them. In the app it shows them but pressing on/off does nothing and they are reporting incorrect states.

Any Ideas were to start Etc


Start with rebootin your hub and doing a Z-Wave repair. During the repair look for error messages, if the device has lost it’s connection it will show up as an error message and you may need to exclude and repair them. Also ensure that the distance between devices and z-wave repeaters is less than about 30-50ft (depending on walls and objects) for optimal performance of the z-wave mesh.

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I’ve rebooted several times now. Zwave repair shows

Z-Wave repair b

Cant’access your link, just paste the image directly into the forum post, it’ll accept it.


Ouch, you have a lot of failures.
Either you need to exclude and repair your devices again or your chip has gone bad.

Try the first and it doesn’t fix the issue contact ST support. They’re very good.

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Some things are still working but the most used ones aren’t

How do I exclude hard wired (In wall) smart switches that ST doesn’t seem to see anymore

They are there but offline

Put the hub into Exclusion Mode using your ST Mobile App and follow the instruction for your wall smart switches on how to exclude.

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I think I may have found the culprit.

Looks like I’ve had an intermittent cable issue. I went to check my switch and the light that the cable was connected to wasn’t lit. I plugged it into another port and still nothing. Swapped leads and things are slowly coming back online.

Still a bit slow to report status but its getting there.