Officially supported keypad?

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Hey @Tyler, can you discuss how the process of certifying a keypad for use with SHM is going?

From prior discussions, that seemed to be pretty much a prerequisite before an officially supported entry or exit delay feature for arming/disarming SHM could be introduced.

###Actually, isn’t it the other way around???

A keypad, like the IRIS keypad, that is able to arm or disarm the home, is generally kept inside.

Therefore, such a keypad is pretty much useless without a Grace-Periods (i.e., delay detection of intrusions and alarming) for both exiting after inputting the arming code, and after entering before inputting the dis-arming code.

BTW: ActionTiles now has a PIN Protected Tile option, including on our SHM control Tile, but also on Lock, Garage, and even just Switches, in case you’re using a Virtual Switch to control a non-SHM based Alarm, or the Switch is security sensitive for any reason. This makes ActionTiles a “perfect” keypad; except – still need those arm/disarm grace-delays for SHM, please!

And… admittedly, an official ZigBee based keypad would be great if it was supported for fully local (cloud-independent) operation.

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I guess they do distinguish between entry and exit.

I use the iris keypad now. Sometimes it’s easier than pulling out my phone and using the mobile app when I want to manually arm/disarm SHM. But I want entry and exit delays too, just like many people.

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Ironically, “exit grace period delays” are relatively trivial to implement in a Device Type Handler or SmartApp.

We could easily add a delay before activating SHM Armed-Away Mode, in our ActionTiles front-end or back-end. Just add countdown timer once the Tile is tapped before calling the (still unofficial) SHM API.

Conversely, this is essentially impossible for Entry Delays, unless we get control over every intrusion sensor! :confounded:

YES! Want simple exit/enter delays also! This should be standard stuff. Do not want to be dependent on the Presence Sensors at all. Apparently they eat batteries and other problems. Great for convenience if working fine, but we NEED the standard supported keypad control WITH exit/enter delays.

Just give us the simple things we NEED.

Same for arming/disarming etc in local mode.


Yeah, it’s going on two years since they released SHM and people have been asking for this ever since. It seemed like for a while ST staff weren’t on the same page as many of us re: the need for entry/exit delays and a keypad (initial responses were focused on the use of presence for arming/disarming). But for about a year now it’s been acknowledged that this is “on the roadmap.”

Let’s hope it’s coming soon. As @timd1971 and many others (myself included) said, this should be standard stuff on any alarm system (presence has never been nearly reliable enough).

SHM’s reliance on the cloud is another issue that really makes it unacceptable as a security system, although it’s technically a separate deficiency.


Certain things involving security should be able to fall back on locally when the internet is down no matter what. They need to provide a cellular communication device via a USB port also for that as an OPTION for those that want or need that route. Longer battery backup can be had by just plugging into a backup battery UPS / surge protector.

I see they offer SCOUT monitoring…hopefully that is a good thing which would get these things that are on the road map a reality sooner.

But then again, they may keep it security crippled as currently in hopes you buy their SCOUT system. : (

SCOUT dropped off my list of security choices after much research, so I won’t ever hope for that if Samsung keeps this crippled on purpose.

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Yes there are plenty of other features ST could use to make it into a really viable security system.

But entry/exit delays and a keypad are super basic, it’s been discussed before that they’re coming, and that’s what I’m hoping we can learn more about in this topic. How close is this to being implemented?


How is it 2018 and neither of these features are available? All I want is a keypad with an entry/exit delay because the presence sensor (on my Samsung phone mind you) rarely if ever works for to the built in battery saving processes. My girlfriend’s iPhone works for the most part though. How is this just not a thing yet?? The the most basic thing… Hell, I’d throw an old tablet on the wall with an app and be happy if it could do this.

This can be done with ActionTiles and the SmartApp:

There’s also a community device handler for the lowe’s iris zigbee keypad.

With @arnb’s smartapp, it works great.

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