Official Lutron Caseta Support in SmartThings (Beginning March 2017)

If you add the same device twice you will indeed end up with two devices. I haven’t tried it since I have two Lutron hubs, but I think you may get some strange results. If you try let us know! :slight_smile:

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It has nothing to do with android vs iOS. I have both and my smartthings app still shows just a “Lutron” section with no devices under it in both ios and android.

I had to reboot phone / restart ST app before they showed.

I have an android and I can see the header for Lutron but no devices under the header. I have rebooted and restarted the app.

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It can take up to 24 hours for the Marketplace entries to roll out to everyone. Hang in there!

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Lutron devices finally populated on my iphone. Added a switch, provided Lutron credentials and it discovered the shades! But, looks like Alexa identified them as a dimmable switch so will still have to say “on” rather than “open”.

I think this is standard for how SmartThings handles shades. Cool they came over!

Reason why you chose not to use the Lutron Alexa Skill & go through ST ?

Had been doing it this way… I hoped that this integration would allow me to use “open/close” commands with Alexa (these stopped working months ago using the skill). I’m not home right now so not sure yet what commands will work.

Regarding those of us on iPhones, JDRoberts says it’s not an app update for us but an update to the device list. I’ve not seen this come through just yet and realize it may take up to 24 hours before a full rollout. I just want to confirm the following for iphone users:

-Smartthings App update is not required for the Lutron update on an iphone
-Once rolled out, I will open the Smartthings app and navigate to Things->AddThings->Manual and look under Switches for Lutron devices

Thank you folks.

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The shades support both “level switch” capability (dimmer) and the shades capability. Using it as a dimmer allows all existing smartapps/integrations like Alexa to at least being able to control it even if the wording is wrong. Adding the wording open/close to Alexa integration is entirely up to Amazon unfortunately.


Correct. You will find Lutron under Switches&Dimmers, as well as Outlets. Shades category should appear soon as well. Once the Lutron service manager (e.g. the smartapp called “Lutron Caseta (Connect)” starts it will discover all switches,dimmers and shades on your Lutron bridge regardless of what you selected in marketplace).

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Thanks very much for the clarifications.

Just as an FYI, the SmartThings-Lutron integration only supports one bridge at the moment due to restrictions in their API.

Ah, the are listed under ‘Switches & Dimmers’ but not under ‘Outlets’. Since I have the wall ‘outlets’ that’s where I thought I should have looked. I see them now.

I have to report the card with ‘Lutron Caseta Plug-in Dimmer’ is a blank card on my iphone. The others, In-Wall and Switch cards render fine.

Update #1

As Lars had indicated to me yes, it may take a few more cycles for all the cards to render in the iPhone version of the rollout. You can however select one of the others, it will ask you for your Lutron authorization/login/password and then connect with all your devices.

As for CoRE, I’ve already tried a few things like a 30 second fade of the wall-dimmer switch I have and it worked great. I then turned the light on/off with the Pico remote and had no problems. The Lutron app reported the correct light levels I set in CoRE as did the Smartthings app when the switch was selected.

Correct, the Pico remotes will not connect and are not suppose to at this time. Will continue to test different core applications.

Nice, thanks to the team.

So, I connected my half dozen or so Caseta dimmers last night and added them to some lighting automations I had previously set up via @njschwartz excellent solution.

Observations: Response time is fast with no significant delay (sub 1s). I did notice a clicking sound on turning off some of the dimmers which I don’t believe I had previously. I’ll have to spend more time seeing if I can reproduce that later.

State updates in the app are pretty fast when I’ve controlled the lights through the physical switches.

Overall, nice work by the ST and Lutron teams. This has been something that a lot of us have been waiting a long time for. In fact, I knew I wanted to replace my existing dimmers with Lutron for a long time and held off until @njschwartz 's solution came along and I could control them all through ST.


I understand that Pico remotes are not supported at this time, but is this something we can reasonably expect in the future? I’d like Pico remotes to be able to trigger things in ST.

I had both the Lutron integration and @njschwartz’s smartapp installed. I used both options to control my lights and there was not real difference in speed. Very impressed with this integration so far.

I have noticed that it takes longer for the Lutron/ST to update states than njscwartz’s but only by a second or so. Defintely not a deal breaker.

Still keeping the Lutron Caseta Connect smartApp for my pico though. I doubt we’ll see them natively integrated any time soon.