Official Lutron Caseta Support in SmartThings (Beginning March 2017)

I received the following email. Check your email and keep an eye out for ST announcements.

Caseta Wireless

March 2017

Special Announcement

The Lutron Caséta and SAMSUNG SmartThings systems now work together to bring convenience and versatility to your fingertips.

With the Samsung SmartThings family of smart home products, you can control your Caséta system in new ways and bring the convenience of motion sensing automation to your home.

Caseta Pico Dimmer Bridge

Discover ways to use SmartThings devices with Caséta controls and other smart home products.

• Use a SmartThings Motion Sensor with Caséta dimmers to turn your outdoor lights on when someone is at your front door.
• Place a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor on a walk-in closet door to automatically turn lights on when opened and off when closed.
• SmartThings can also control other smart home products like locks, cameras, and more.

Samsung Smart Things

As your needs change, you can easily customize your SmartThings and Caséta systems to work in new and different ways. For example, create Routines within the SmartThings app to adjust your Caséta dimmers, thermostats, and other devices at a scheduled time or touch of a button.

Visit to learn more about how the Lutron Caséta and Samsung SmartThings systems are working together to make your home smarter.

Lutron and Caséta are trademarks of Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
SmartThings and the SmartThings logo are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Just Four Steps:*
Step 1
Install your Caséta Wireless devices, plug in the Smart Bridge, and connect it to your Wi-Fi router
Step 2
Download and install the free Lutron App and follow the instructions
Learn More about the Lutron App
Step 3
Download and install the free Samsung SmartThings app and set up your SmartThings system.
Step 4
Use the Samsung SmartThings app to link your Caséta Wireless devices to different routines and SmartApps.
Learn More about Works with Samsung SmartThings

*A working internet connection, Lutron Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge PRO, Lutron App 4.0 or newer, Samsung SmartThings hub and Samsung SmartThings app are required.

And then what? My guest ST has not caught up with them…


It is in the IDE under Device type

I’m assuming we need to wait for a roll out

Please specify. Are you stating the support exists but we must do something under ‘My Devices’ or ‘My Device Handlers’?

Probably a smartthings app update pending id imagine

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Understood, thank you. Excited to open the box on the new toy.

Like the previous poster said we might have to wait for an app update

Interesting. I’ll be curious to try it out when it goes live. Will be interesting to see how well it works and how much control it provides.

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i’m guessing they haven’t added the connect app to the marketplace yet. This is usually necessary for cloud-to-cloud integrations like this one.

Kinda funny both days in March so far have had two announcements for new integrations without a peep from SmartThings PR, but have been announced by either competitors or partners. (the other being locks added to Amazon Alexa)


There is chatter over here too. Lutron Integration @ CES?
Will try and steer them here.

And I was just enjoying your App lol


@njschwartz set a high bar. Let’s see if ST/Lutron can measure up.

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yeah he did and if their solution is shitty I will continue to use @njschwartz 's

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I have a feeling that their solution will be adequate for the majority of people. I cannot imagine it will be too slow. Although I look forward to trying a side by side comparison when it is released.

I think the difference will lie in the Pro hub users who want to use their Pico’s or want to do things like turn on lights over 5 minutes etc. While I could be wrong, I’m relatively certain that won’t be possible with the official integration. I’m leaving on a trip tomorrow so I hope this drops some time today so I can try it out!

SmartThings staff have already confirmed in one of the pre-release threads:

Official integration will be cloud to cloud,
it will require a Lutron SmartBridge,
and picos will remain invisible to the SmartThings hub.

Oh thanks @JDRoberts. I figured as much but guess I missed that in one of those many threads. Lol. Even still I look forward to trying it out, to compare speed of nothing else. :slight_smile:

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I rebooted phone and now under add things manually, switches & dimmers there is a Lutron section, but there are no devices listed. Getting closer.

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It is being rolled out right now. So far performance has been really great.


Any idea if this will include the Serena shades?

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I found it really interesting that the announcement on the Lutron side emphasized the ability to use SmartThings-controlled motion sensors with the Lutron lights. That would be an appeal to people who currently have a Lutron, but not SmartThings.

The simplest alternative for those folks would be to get a HomeKit motion sensor and do it that way, but of course that only works for people who have iOS devices. And the Homekit typically sensors cost more.

This integration does open up the android market for them, which can only be good. :sunglasses: