Official Google Nest Integration (January 2021)

I might be one of the few but I still like the direction SmartThings are heading in. I recently bought 6 Meross wifi switches and they connected to the hub with no problem. With this Nest support things are looking up in 2021.


I’m waiting to see what devices and capabilities this will support. The article is light on details.

I’m not going to replace my ecobee since it’s still the superior thermostat if you use the sensors, but will definitely buy three smoke detectors if they are supported.

Doorbell would depend on button support, which I’m guessing it won’t have based on the fact the nest app can’t see it either.

Anyway this is a major win for the platform and should resolve a long-standing complaint of many users.

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Do we know if we are going to have to migrate our nest accounts to Google accounts for this integration to work? Would make rolling back to NST a bit of an issue.

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Probably you will have to

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Looks like cameras, doorbell and thermostat. So no Nest Protext integration. Not surprising since their Device Access program doesn’t support it.


Makes reference to the “entire portfolio of Nest devices”


More details here:

This is the press release. Notice it carefully only mentions cameras, doorbell and thermostat.


That’s pretty lame if smoke detectors are not supported.


Google blog

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I like the mention of Android 11. Does the bug in the new app fixed for Android 11, where it was unable to download the device plugins?

I believe it when I see it working… There have been a number of SmartThings announcements that never came true, disappeared after a while, or never really worked as well as you’d think they should e.g. BMW, ADT, Ring (only some devices supported), Echo (recent problems with device selection), Nivida Shield, Scout Alarm Monitoring…

But I am cautiously optimistic…!

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Does this mean Smartthings speaker companion will now work with Google speakers like Sonos?
Can Webcore or BigTalker2 now send TTS to Nest audio and cousins to enable a speaking house?
Can the Google speakers be audio output options in Smartthings or Samsung phones?

Let me know if this gets confirmed.

Smart Things HQ some time ago:

  • “OK, we have about 1000 bugs and our clients are getting angry. Let’s fix those asap.”
  • “Oh no you don’t. Now you all must focus on this high-profile integration we will make public on December, launch on January and try to make usable during 2021.”

No, Google speakers will not show in SmartThings.

That bug is still impacting me, 3 months after Android 11 launched.

And to make it even easier to quickly control all your smart home devices, we’re working to bring one of our favorite features of Android 11 to Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphones. When you tap on “Devices” in the Quick Panel of the phone, you can choose an option among multiple apps and see all connected devices within the app on one screen.

Then how the heck is this going to work if still no support.

Fantastic question.

@blake.arnold can you shed some light as to why it is taking so long to fix the app for Android 11? Actually, you could probably generalize that to why is it taking so long to fix a whole list of problems with the app…

The app is developed in Korea, you’d need to ask Samsung, but it’s probably tied to their update schedule for android 11