Official Google Nest Integration (January 2021)

It has just occurred to me that the reason for this may be because through Nest, Nest Eco can be On or Off independently while Nest Mode remains set to Heat.

So potentially switching Nest Eco Off via Nest registers in the ST app because the only correct value for ST app Mode is Heat.

However, switching Nest Eco back On via Nest may not register in the ST app because ST app Mode is already Heat, which remains true (and which would suggest the programming prioritises Heat over Eco).

The solution to this would seem to be that ST app State could correspond to Nest Mode, with values Heat or Off. The ST app Mode could correspond to Nest Eco, with values Eco or Eco Off.

Or…, I think, if the setting priority in ST app Mode were to be changed to Off, Eco then Heat .

I don’t know if posting this sort of thinking is helpful. If there’s a better approach to getting feedback to the integration team, please let me know. I’m new to this!

My thermastat already has an automated schedule but it would be great to be able to control my Nest fire detector alarms thru ST.
I have a ST siren but could use the fire detectors instead.
Is this possible? Or is just the thermostat and doorbells?

Dumbfounding because that means they won’t even work with the new Rules. This integration is pretty much pointless until they open it up.


What do you mean by reset all the apps? Uninstall and reinstall? I have two thermostats and only one will show up? Any help greatly appreciated

Figured it out

I’m deleting the Nest integration. Don’t see any use cases that apply to me.

The only Nest devices I have are six Nest Outdoor Cameras.

The potential uses I’ve seen are:

  1. Announce activity at a door. As it is, I have the Nest app notifying me. If it’s a delivery, the delivery person has usually dropped the package and is getting back in their truck before I’m notified. Adding another cloud to get the notification is only going to be worse.
  2. Use motion events to turn on lights. First off, I live in the country and motion detector lights are forbidden in the neighborhood. Then there are false positives. Bugs flying by the cameras at night trigger as motion. Clouds changing the lighting in the daytime do also.
  3. I’d like more flexible control of camera state. There are some that I have turn off during the day unless we’re gone. It’s tricky and a bit error-prone in the a Nest app. But since Google doesn’t allow camera state control via the integration, it’s simply not possible.

Add to this the slowness of access to live view, viewing limited to one camera at a time, and lack of access to recorded video and I find the whole thing useless.

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I get a constant loop when trying to add my Nest Thermostat.

-Add Device
-Select Brand of Google Nest
-Select Thermostat
-Select Nest (title of that screen is Thermostat)
-Select Location and Room, then Next
-Receive succès message that I’m “successfully connected to Nest”. Select Done
-Returned back to the screen that says ‘Select Nest (title of that screen is Thermostat)’

This is an endless loop and the device is never added.

try this…


That worked perfectly! Thank you!

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Yes I found this to be the case too… “it also doesn’t seem to respect the “Motion Duration” setting in Automations. It will trigger on all motion no matter how short.”

Got quite excited about having nest integration… then i saw that the protect isn’t supported . Why on earth would they not support protect as well???

You would need to ask Google. They own and manage the integration :grin:

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They won’t.

Everything about Nest has been half-baked for years, and I say this as a long-time thermostat, Protect, and Hello owner. The native Home/Away Assist has always taken hours to detect Away regardless of what phone I use (and people here complain about SmartThings mobile presence!). I’m honestly surprised the SmartThings integration has as much functionality as it does - it actually does more than the first party Google Home integration (example: you can’t control the thermostat fan using Google Home). Incredibly, the official Nest app doesn’t even have a button for taking a still snapshot from a Hello, which SmartThings has added.

Protects in particular feel like an abandoned product. No new models or functionality for 5+ years. Low battery prediction is awful (mine typically go from ‘low battery’ to ‘replace battery’+beeping in the space of 10 minutes). The app doesn’t even generate an alert if a Protect goes offline, and when I raised that problem with support in 2018 they acknowledged it was a known issue. It’s still like it today. I’m not even remotely surprised they’ve been left out of the new integration.

Not to wander too far afield from SmartThings but that’s not my experience. Six Nest Outdoor Cams and a Pixel 2 phone. I use Home/Away to turn three of them off when we’re present. It flips modes within a minute or two for me.

I had some initial issues with Android 11 when they tightened up access to Location. But got that resolved.

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Doesn’t work with action tiles yet though…

Would love the thermostat and some nest hello functionality besides the video

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Google recently stopped selling the Protect Kit along with the additional door sensors… signs are pointing to a dead product.

You’re thinking of the nest secure.

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To be fair google’s naming scheme is not great.

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Nest Protect is the smoke and carbon monoxide detector.