Official Ecobee 3 Integration

After re-logging in the MyEcobee device:

getEcobeeThermostats> Internal Server Error while getting list of thermostats, probable cause: not the right account for this type (ems) of thermostat [uri:, path:/1/thermostat, headers:[Content-Type:text/json, Authorization:Bearer zrodPtyU5Zoogfzov8TRJ5cqbck3qrt6], query:[format:json, body:{“selection”:{“selectionType”:“managementSet”,“selectionMatch”:"/"}}]]

Hi @Timothy_Ward, there are some serious ST scheduling issues again this morning.

The above error msg is not relevant as you do not have an EMS thermostat.

P.S. If you have any issue with My Ecobee device, send an email to

I’m not always in the forum, and it’s easier for me to follow customer issues with gmail conversation.


I’ve been seeing scheduling issues as well on the platform, but so far the watchdog’s that I’ve implemented on my Ecobee driver have successfully recovered automatically every time for the last several days.

According to my logs my last disconnect was: when=2016-02-05 22:15:50 CST. But that was actually due to some of the scenario testing I was doing on my code, so would have been up even longer.

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I’ve had issues every day this week and sometimes multiple times a day. I’m just going to go back to using IFTTT for now based on the presence of a single user.

I also have had solid connectivity with @StrykerSKS’s code for several days now. I only had to re-enter credentials once 2 days ago and that seemed to coincide with ecobee pushing down the latest FW (553) to my ecobee3.

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I was directed to a smartapp that creates a ‘combined presence sensor’. This lets you use IFTTT to control home and away modes. Worked like a charm for me! I suggest you take a look at this:

But right now I’m using @StrykerSKS’s code with Rule Machine to control my home and away modes as I also want to control ‘sleep’ which IFTTT can’t do.

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Thanks! I figured there must be something like this already. I had done something similar with a virtual switch and rule machine, but this is a bit cleaner.

You are correct according to the ecobee Support Knowledgebase

What is the difference between ecobee3 and HomeKit-enabled ecobee3?

ecobee Support
posted this on December 8, 2015, 9:27 PM

  • The only difference between the two products is that our HomeKit-enabled ecobee3 supports Apple HomeKit technology. All other features are the exactly the same.
  • The product roadmap from a firmware and software perspective (not including HomeKit) remains the same for both ecobee3 and HomeKit-enabled ecobee3.

Any update on official Ecobee3 integration? Maybe sometime in 2016?

@snaggletoothrex SmartThings has already started pushing updates to the Github repository with updates on the device type. So they are definitely making progress. I know some users are using the DTH that is in the repository rather than waiting for it to be published to the marketplace.

I think the official ecobee 3 listing in the smartapp should happen today at the latest per @Tyler

For reference he’s referring to:

[quote=“johnosstyn, post:29, topic:37341”][quote=“Tyler, post:22, topic:37341, full:true”]
Hi all!

A quick update on our official Ecobee3 integration. We’ve completed the integration and we’re beginning testing this week. We expect that testing to take about two weeks.

The main fix/improvement in our official integration is related to an issue with previous integrations that would cause Ecobee to log you out. We’re also updating the UI, adding fan support, celcius support and correcting a few other issues you all had reported to us.

Stay tuned![/quote]
Did this ever happen?

Ecobee 3 is now in the Smartthings app store. So far so good, no issues adding ecobee3 and it was really simple

Would be nice to have a nice Ecobee logo on the device though :wink:

can you please post device screen shot?

Are the sensors included any place as well?

Yes sensors work, just separate tiles

plain and simple, nice.
I’m using @yvesracine device handler - most advanced at moment.

I just want the basic functions to work, so many problems with custom handlers