Official device handler issue with FGS-223

For the last 18 months by FGS-223’s have used a fantastic device handler from Eric M which works perfectly.

When Smartthings switched me across to the new version of Smartthings, this caused the switches to always show the status as “checking status” and stopped Alexa being about to control the devices.

I followed the info below and changed the device hander to the official one in IDE:

1. Delete on IDE (no exclude) both child devices. NO THE MAIN device
2. Change the DHT of the main device to Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW5 and update
3. After updating there will be only 2 devices (instead of 3) for me it was ID 29 and ID 29-2. 1st (id 29) with Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW5 and 2nd (id 29-2) with Fibaro Double Switch 2 - USB
29 controlled S1 , 29-2 controlled S2.
4. Rename the device handlers. and assign to rooms in official Smartthings App,

Everything works no “checking status” again

This worked perfectly as far as getting the status to work on the 2 switches, it has however given me a whole load of new problems.

The main switch which I have named “Living Room Wall Lights” uses Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW5 as its type, the 2nd switch which I have named “Living Room Ceiling” has a device type of Fibaro Double Switch 2 - USB

This is how the switches appear on my IDE:

Both are allocated to my Living room within smartthings and work perfectly as far as status checking goes now, see below screenshot showing both devices as switches and the status being correct:

Both devices now work in Alexa for turning on and off but this is where I started to notice the device hander was giving me issues as the child device is appearing perfectly as a switch device, but the main devices the “Living room wall lights using the Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW2 device type” is seen as a bulb. When going into the settings this information seems to be come from smartthings

This then gives me issues within WebCore as the “Living room wall lights using the Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW2 device type” doesn’t appear as either an actuator or a sensor (because it thinks it is a bulb) see below screenshot showing Living room wall lights are not showing as a selected device within Webcore

I think all this can be resolved by the Living Room Wall Lights using device type as Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW5 being changed to a switch instead of a bulb, but I cannot find anyway to over ride and tell smartthings that this is a switch not a bulb?

Please if someone can help me I can start to re-build all my Webcore pistons that use FGS-223’s around the house and get everything working again

Thanks in advance anyone who can help

Instead of trying to choose them in the “which actuator” section, go down on the page to select devices by capability and look in capability group 1-3.

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Thanks very much, I think you are bang on the money!

I will have a play this evening and hopefully I can get everything working again in Webcore