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Mark, if that is what you want, then it is OK. But glad I don’t use Android, plus I didn’t sign on for misuse of my info. And in answer to your question from earlier, the download is just showing what was available to be taken. Now I am ending this as it is becoming a pissing match, and I will not be baited into this. Fell free to continue.

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Joel, with all due respect, you started a topic on a somewhat controversial subject. You didn’t clearly explain what data of yours you believe was “stolen,” and you didn’t even make it clear that you were referring to a specific incident of misuse of FB data. Yes it has been in the news a lot recently, but you essentially expected us to read your mind that that’s what you were referring to.

You have refused to engage in a conversation with people that are confused by the lack of details, and may not agree with you that any of your personal data was stolen in the first place.

Obviously anyone is free to post what they want, and respond (or not) to others’ posts in threads they start.

I just don’t understand the point of this thread if you didn’t intend to explain yourself in a manner that the rest of us can understand what points you are making, or you’re not interested in having a discussion with people that disagree with you.

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Oh, stop it. Nobody is baiting you into anything.
You started a thread by throwing around very serious charges of “stealing” and “criminal” behavior. You’ve simply been asked to support those charges. You’ve repeatedly refused to do so. Every time someone has attempted to engage your assertions you’ve just become indignant and snotty.

Pro tip: Don’t start threads like this if you’re not prepared to handle the dialog that they invite.

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If you post to the public you are making a public statement. You can’t complain if your statement is noted. If it was a private post you have a case. I believe that the posts in question were public.


So…you never saw the film THE SOCIAL NETWORK? (Golden Globes Best Drama in 2011)

Facebook was founded on bad behavior and selfserving cognitive dissonance. With the same leadership in place today, there’s no reason to expect anything different.

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Hmmm… sounds kinda like a certain giant electronics/appliance firm that sucked up a startup home automation company…

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Yeah, bad bad Google!:stuck_out_tongue:


If anyone still cares, there is a very specific aspect to the Cambridge case that may result in major civil penalties to Facebook, although it’s not a criminal case in the US.

In 2011, the FTC determined that Facebook was regularly defrauding its users because it told them that they could set privacy settings that would limit what information was shared with others while regularly ignoring those settings in selling the data to third parties. In particular, items that users had specifically flagged as “friends only” could be shared by those friends without the original user’s knowledge or consent. And without the friend ever seeing a notice that they were exposing their friends’ information in this way.

Facebook agreed to a formal settlement, promising never to do that again. However, it appears that that is exactly what was done in the Cambridge analytics case.


That’s why there’s a whistleblower aspect to the current news story: a former Facebook employee is saying that after the settlement, not only did the practices continue, but Facebook senior executives were aware that the practices were continuing.

That’s the US.

There may even be a criminal aspect to this for those who are citizens of EU countries as they have specific privacy laws covering these practices which the US does not.

Facebook has previously been fined multiple times and well over €1 million for exactly this type of violation in the EU, and yet they have continued to get caught doing it again and again.

It’s been very profitable for them and the fines have not been high enough to cause them to take the issue really seriously. There is a new EU law going into effect in May which will allow for much higher fines of as much as €20 million, and repeat violators like Facebook may well face some of these higher fines.

All of this is why Facebook’s stock has taken a hit over the most current reports. It’s not what they did. It’s that they have done it over and over even after signing government settlements promising not to do it again. The political aspect of the current case is garnering more headlines, which may also increase the pressure. But outrage is not inappropriate at this type of business practice, in my opinion.

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The Onion: The best journalism on the web.

“Mark Zuckerberg: ‘You Should Be Grateful All Your Incessant Oversharing Online Is Actually Worth Something”

Mark Zuckerberg Promises That Misuse Of Facebook User Data Will Happen Again And Again

Mark Zuckerberg Prepares For Congressional Testimony By Poring Over Lawmakers’ Personal Data

Language constraints prevent me from posting the best one.

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