Off topic but important


Does it bother you that ST staff by having your email address here in the community (if same as ST account) can access your account without the need for logging in and seeing all your devices/information without you explicitly giving them permission to do so? Cameras, client ID/secret, etc.?


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #23

Expecting a corporation to conduct “good governance” is a thing of the past.Especially one with as evil the business model of Facebook

As an arbitrary example, Wells Fargo used to be one of the most trusted and respected brands in America. Their “Stagecoach” (and Jack Russell terrier) were proud symbols of that trust. But over the past few years, they have done despicable, fraudulent things to customers. And, yet, the company will not suffer beyond a temporary setback in stock price, and a tiny shuffling of staff.

While not exactly equivalent, don’t forget that Samsung SmartThings is actively and explicitly collecting every single Event that occurs in your SmartThings Account.

You are only protected by the Terms of Use, which are subject to change with very little notice.

And Samsung has ties to the significant corruption scandals at the highest levels of South Korean government.

(Joel W) #24

This isn’t the topic, when you use a service like SmartThings I expect the tech support to have access, big deal they see my lights go on and off. Not the same thing as what Face Book did. You want to defend their practices by bringing up other companies, not at all as bad as letting a company other than themselves take the info and use it politically. You might not care I do. And I am sure I am not in the minority.


Let’s be clear - I’m not defending FB at all! The question about ST was posed to you because it’s another company that you have no idea what they might be using your information for (and if you think they can only see on and off activity for your devices, you are in for a rude awakening), and I don’t mean from a corporate standpoint, individuals that have access and can do as they please with it, without asking you. How can you place any different trust in what they have access to versus, a Google, an Amazon or a Facebook?

In fact I had that foresight in never trusting FB from the beginning :slight_smile: I also bypassed the Myspace days! Big brother is watching/collecting/using from enough places already.

And you had/have the option in your preferences for political affiliation and the algorithm that categorized you.

And the topic is “Off topic but important” and if it’s about information and the misuse of that information, then I think it falls perfectly inline with the topic and is a valid question. Or is it irrelevant because you don’t own stock in Samsung?

(Dan P Parker) #26

That’s kind of funny, considering the title of this thread.

I’m still waiting to hear what was “criminal” about this incident.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #27

Your lights aren’t the data that Samsung is aiming for…

Consider the following:

  1. The Home Hub refrigerator contains cameras inside it, so it can determine exactly what’s in your diet.

  2. Samsung Smart TVs record your exact viewing habits across every media channel, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.

  3. Your household’s SmartThings configuration and usage patterns gives an extremely detailed and accurate profile of your family.

  4. Add in the data on your Samsung phones, search history, location history, …

Samsung is, or wants to be, in the big data marketing business. There’s plenty of money in that industry to go to whoever does the most comprehensive collection and/or shares with other companies (like Facebook) to cross reference.

If Facebook’s actions bother you, then Samsung’s ownership of SmartThings should be a concern too.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #28

If anyone is really that concerned about data mining… Then they need to move to jungle and never use electricity again.


Amazon has already hired the parrots and chimpanzees to collect information.

And then there’s the Smart Trees :grin:


In 20 years or maybe even less, there will be no such thing as “off the grid”. You will have to get off the planet to achieve that.


No warp drive : ‘( moon maybe Mars choice is spartan

(Mark) #32

I’m still not even sure what specific package of information the OP is referring to. It’s not at all obvious how to download “all your information that was stolen” from an iPhone.


(Mark) #34

Yes I tried that but it won’t force the desktop page if you try to open the settings page.

And I’m too lazy to go over to my laptop and check.

I agree with those who don’t put anything on Facebook they don’t want advertisers or political operatives to see, btw.

And buying shares of Facebook and/or twitter, or any individual tech company is unlikely to be a wise investing strategy for most people. Especially if you’re going to let your emotions about issues like this dictate your buy/sell plans.


Its tricky but doable with a careful two finger zoom.

Still Will need to unzip download fule to view your data anyway so might as well use desktop/laptop.

(Mark) #36

Yes you’re right, fat fingers will mess it up every time.

To be clear, we’re basically just talking about “stuff you’ve done on Facebook,” right?


Where does it say “download all your information that was stolen?”

I’m guessing the OP is inferring that everything in that file was stolen / loaned out.

(Mark) #38

That’s how the OP referred to it, yes.

(Joel W) #39

Yes that is what I meant, according to what I heard the whole file is what was taken. I assume they wanted the political affiliations listed if in your file.

(Dan P Parker) #40

And where did you hear that?