Off topic but important

(Joel W) #1

For those that are interested, if you got to your Facebook page>Settings> at the bottom is a link to download all your information that was stolen. In my case it shows my political affiliations, and even the places I ate. Mind you I never posted from any of them. Also shows what movies I have seen and what TV shows I watch. I dis and do understand that we are all being watched via our own habits, but collecting this and not safe guarding this is criminal. You might have different opinions on this, but you heard mine.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #2

It will be interesting in the next few months with all the blow back they get. I am hoping that all this awareness of security will translate into some changes. I think we went too far with Homeland Security and spying on Americans. And, from what I remember, there was a big cry when you read the terms of service on the Facebook Messenger App with all they were asking permission to collect.

They have already took a good size stock hit and I am sure this congressional investigation might lead to something. Elon Musk already pulled a few of his pages off the site. I hope Facebook backs off on data collection. It is straight creepy how much I get ads on about every web page I visit concerning past places I have ordered from and web searches I have made. Marketing is too much. It needs to swing back the other direction as far as how intrusive this stuff is getting.

(Joel W) #3

Yes with that stock hit, many of us that have pensions etc, are loosing money because of their mistake. When you think about this, there isn’t a person I know that doesn’t have Facebook in their portfolio, as a stock or as a mutual fund, or Bond fund. That is billions of dollars out of the average Americans pocket. That is why this becomes more than theft of info, but theft of money.

(jkp) #4

I like to view this as an opportunity. Buy stocks when they hit their low point and and enjoy the profits when the stock rebounds. I had so much fun buying up stocks in 2008/09 :slight_smile:

(Joel W) #5

But if you already own the stock, you still lost. Yes I could buy more, but I will not. I don’t trust them or twitter, any longer. I sold my Twitter shares after the election, and Facebook will be next when I regain some of my lost value. These companies have to start following their own rules before they regain my support, and the support of many others.

(jkp) #6

What goes down will go up again. Sell your stocks in panic and I buy them :slight_smile:

(Joel W) #7

I am not selling until they rebound, but I will sell out of principal. Like I said, I don’t trust them one bit.

(might be my fake name?) #8

Is that on android only? I didn’t see an option to do that on iPhone

(jkp) #9

Was it stolen?? Or given to them :slight_smile:


If you lost a noticeable difference in your pension/investments/retirement because of this, you should rethink your strategy. lol
thanks for the info though. :slight_smile:


Use desktop browser or force phone browser to use desktop version with link


Microsoft is under rated. Buy that.

(Joel W) #13

It isn’t how much I lost, it is the reason I lost it. We purchase a stock because we feel a company can make money, thus increase stock value. Loosing trust in a company because of poor performance is one thing, but to loose money because of poor conduct, is something else. What they did was and is horrible. That is the facts.

(jkp) #14

Hate to break the news to anyone but if you believe only FB is collecting data on you - then you are mistaken. Every company is collecting and selling your info — from grocery stores, internet providers, phone companies, banks, amazon, google, etc. you can walk in a store and be tracked by Bluetooth on your phone.

(might be my fake name?) #15

Word up!!!

(Dan P Parker) #16

Based on what’s been reported so far there is no indication that any information was “stolen”.

Can you cite the specific law(s) that was/were violated?

(Joel W) #17

It isn’t what was collected, it is the way they handle that what was collected. I did say I know companies are collecting info, and I didn’t care. But when that info is used for purposes not intended, then it is a breach of my trust, as well it should be yours. This whole conversation is regarding one thing trust, and how you see that. You are entitled to do what you want, and so am I, but to me Facebook has lost their way, and have lost my trust. Did you get the report, maybe there is nothing in that report that bothers you. But my political views, and the web pages I go to (even when those pages are Benign) are my business, and not yours or anyones.


Should have had the foresight about all of this before you ever created a Facebook account.

(Dan P Parker) #19

I didn’t say anything about what was collected vs how it was done. You claimed that what they did was “criminal”, which means that one or more criminal statutes were violated by them. You even claimed the data was “stolen”. Or are you just using “criminal” as a hyperbolic synonym for “something I don’t like”?

As for things like one’s politics not being anyone else’s business, I agree…at least for myself, which is why I don’t provide Facebook with that sort of information. If you did then you aren’t taking your own desire for privacy seriously.

(jkp) #20

That data is being collected by other entities as well. Your ISP for one. Websites you visit collect data. Quite sure if you have search enabled in your browser then that company collects everywhere you go/visit.