Odd Signal Loss From Zigbee Water Sensor

I have several of the Samsung ADT Water Leak Detectors - LINK and they have worked pretty well for a number of years. Recently, say in the last year, the ones under the sink and behind the fridge and washing machine have lost connection and it seems the battery was worn down significantly rather quickly but not dead. I also have several of the Samsung Water Leak Sensors - LINK and they work great, never an issue, and one isn’t very far away from the ones behind the fridge and washing machine.

So I put fresh batteries in, let them connect and sit on the counter for about an hour and then tucked them away. Signal was 255 and -58 or so, no bad right? Stayed like that for about a week and then disconnected and never reconnected. Paired them again, having to use scan for new devices in the app to get them to show up, and then same drill, lose contact after about a week. I also moved one of the zigbee repeater smart plugs to within 15 feet of them too. Clearly that didn’t help.

So I bought a new one of these to try out. It works great. I put it in the fridge outside in the garage and no issues. Decided to stick the ADT’s out there too. They’ve been connected now with 255 and -59db. and 39F for about a week.

Any suggestions on how to get the ADT’s stable? Is there some kind of trick to the zigbee network and making sure the mesh is selecting the most efficient hop? Anyone ever have their sensors just crap out like this, intermittently?

Thanks in advance

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