Odd Motion Sensor behavior

I have a GE/Jasco motion detector attached to my ST hub planted in my living room and it seems to work good. It is not near any vents, plants or animals, its set to medium sensitivity and I’ve had it for a few mos. now with no issues or false alarms. No issues until we recently took a 2 week vaca to Alaska and every single day this device detected motion at the exact same time every day to the second (At 3:03:00 AM local Ohio time, 11:03PM Alaska time) I would get a notification on my phone telling me Intrusion Detected etc etc. I disregarded it as I have a traditional burglar system and I had no reports from it, only the Jasco. Upon my return from vaca there were no signs of intrusion. Any ideas on why this thing would detect motion at the same time everyday while I was away? Thanks for any ideas in this matter.

“The Dead Zone”… maybe a ghost?

Odd… I wouldn’t use it if it keeps doing that consistently.

Maybe something to do with your internet?

This sounds almost exactly like what I experienced last winter while we were away! I was getting notifications from SHM & verified no intrusion by checking other ST sensors and our alarm system – which has a motion sensor about four feet away from the offending sensor.

Finally, I removed that sensor (a GoControl Z-Wave sensor that also reports temperature) from SHM to stop it from annoying me! Upon returning home in the spring, the GoControl motion sensor was behaving normally again.

Perhaps it was temperature changes causing this behavior, but I don’t know for sure. The sensor was just sitting on a transom window sill exposed to sunlight coming in the window – and the house was set to 55 degrees while we were away.

Since then, I relocated the sensor from the window sill to a nearby wall. We’ll see this winter if that was the cause…

Thanks for your replies, apparently its doing it while we are home too and its not currently placed near any windows or doors. it sits on a shelf about 5’ off the ground. SHM is set armed/stay when we are here and this MD will not set off intrusion alerts, but according to the ST logs it ‘detected motion’ last night at precisely 3:03AM while we all slept. Today, I have switched it with one from my garage which is an EcoLink MD. I have never had a false alarm with it since I had it so I will repost back tomorrow with my findings. thanks for all your insight!