Octoblu SmartApp (BETA)

Hello SmartThings Community!

We are currently testing a new SmartApp to integrate SmartThings devices into the Octoblu ecosystem, and would like to invite you to help us test and refine this integration!

About Octoblu

For those unfamiliar, Octoblu enables companies to create IoT services with secure real-time exchange of data. The services are built on an open communications and management platform that supports a variety of protocols for physical devices to communicate seamlessly with each other, people, legacy applications, and cloud services. Through public, private, or hybrid clouds users can connect, design, process, and analyze the flow of information. All services have been designed through a robust security and right management architecture.

Octoblu’s drag-and-drop designer makes automation simple. Our visual editor is powerful enough to handle complex interactions, yet simple enough for even non-engineers to use. Just drag, drop, and deploy your automations, without ever writing a single line of code. You can also share, import, and export your automated flows.

Smart Devices integration with Octoblu

Using the Octoblu SmartApp you can leverage the full power of your SmartThings devices within Octoblu. All event data is forwarded from SmartThings to the Meshblu messaging system, and likewise Meshblu is able to forward any commands or queries to SmartThings endpoints.

The most recent version of the Octoblu SmartApp can be found on github:

The Octoblu SmartApp can be setup and used with the following instructions:

  1. Make sure that you have an Octoblu account by signing up at https://app.octoblu.com/.
  2. Copy the contents of the above app.groovy from Octoblu’s repository into a new SmartApp at graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps, save and publish “for me”.
  3. Enable OAuth for the Octoblu SmartApp, through Edit Properties -> OAuth -> Enable OAuth in SmartApp -> Update
  4. Using the mobile app add the Octoblu SmartApp from the “My Apps” category of SmartSetup.
  5. “Authorize” SmartThings to use Octoblu for each configuration. It is recommended that you connect to a high throughput / low latency network for optimal web view loading times.
  6. Select which SmartThings devices you would like to be proxied to/from Octoblu, make sure to complete the configuration for device subscription.
  7. Your SmartThing devices should now show under “Connected Things” within Octoblu, create a flow which utilizes your newly connected things!


Any feedback is highly appreciated! Please share with us any issues or suggestions for improvement. If you happen to create an awesome flow please share it with the rest of the Octoblu community by creating a public ‘Bluprint’.

Many thanks for your time and support,
-The Octoblu Team

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Hello, do you have any examples of devices? It’s hard to tell exactly what Octoblu is, seems like an API, possible for development boards like the intel Edison?

We are an ‘Integration of Everything’ platform, so are combing APIs for various web platforms and devices into a single M2M platform, combined with a visual flow designer for applying logic and actions on those messages.

Some of the Web APIs (channels) that we currently support are as follows:

agile-zen, app.net, automatic, bitly, biztalk, box, connect-sense, crisply, doubleclicksearch, dropbox, echosign, email, foursquare, g2planet, github, google-drive, google-places, gotoassist, gotomeeting-free, gotomeeting, gototraining, gotowebinar, harman-kardon-hkwhub, instagram, jawbone, lob, m2x, meshblu-http, nest, netscaler, paypal, podio, rdio, readability, redbooth, rightSignature, salesforce, sharefile, slack, smartsheet, sms-send, splunk, spotify, stock-price, storefront, stripe, survey-monkey, swarm, teamworkpm, telapi, tempoiq, tesla, thingiverse, travis-ci-pro, travis-ci, twilio, twitter, uber, unison, uservoice, weather, wink, witai, withings, wordpress, wp-remote, xero, youtube, zendesk

Some of the devices that we currently support:

alljoyn, banjocanyon, beacon-blu, beacon, beaglebone, bean, blendmicro, blink1, blinky-tape, blu, cc3200, chromecast, citrix-receiver, device-discoverer, discovery-master, dynamicj5, edison, fadecandy, gateblu, http-connector, hue-button, hue-light, hue, insteon, intel-aim, kiosk, lifx-light, lifx, lumencache, meshlium, mindwave, ms-azure-ml, myo, myq, node-copter, oauth, oculus, osc, other, polar, rallyfighter, raspberrypi, relayr, serial, shell, sonos, spark, tentacle-serial, tentacle, tessel, twitter-stream, webcam, wemo

We are also heavily invested in micro-controllers, so we support several Arduino like devices along with Intel devices such as the Edison. Since Meshblu is our open M2M platform it is simply a matter of using REST, COAP, MQTT, or Websockets to relay messages to or from the device. For micro-controllers currently we have been working with Johnny-Five, CylonJS, and our own software called Tentacle which uses Protocol Buffers for communication.

There are some examples of projects on Hackster (Hackster.io - The community dedicated to learning hardware.), please feel free to contact us on Intercom, Slack, or Gitter if you have any issues connecting your specific devices with Octoblu.

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Step 3 should be to enable oAuth in the SmartApp settings. If you do not enable oAuth, you’re going to get an unauthorized error.


Thanks, thought I forgot something! The instructions have been updated.

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@Sqrt - I’ve done everything up to the step to “Authorize” within the SmartThings app. I hit the “Authorize” button and nothing happens. Same with the “Logout” button right next to it. Any thoughts on how to get it to authorize and provide the token?

Hmmm… Looks like a “super IFTTT” (and that’s an understatement!), but disappointed that there hasn’t been much progress on this SmartThings integration.

Do you need official developer / integrators?

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Has anyone been able to get the SmartApp to work? I am still unable to “authorize”. I click authorize and nothing happens…I hit logout and it works fine.

Is the acquisition of Joyent going to hopefully drive this forward? It certainly would seem like a very logical move to do so. Octoblu is a big player, as is IFTTT and Samsung is falling behind by not integrating leading IoT connectors such as Octoblu. If you take Octoblu seriously, you’ll do a lot more than this one forum thread.

Has anyone actually gotten this to work? I followed the instructions, enabled oauth, have a octoblu account, and when I go to “Authorize” in the octoblue app I get a message “This request is not authorized by the specified access token”

Totally agree with @tkreidl , Samsung is really following behind on the integration front, a lot of cool services like octoblue coming out and seems like all the integrations ( if any ) are hacky at best.

Seriously, how can there be so little feedback from Samsung on this? Octoblu is a leading IoT company and there is nothing here but silence. After bringing this up recently at the corporate level, they just shrug their shoulders and say they are thinking about it. The slow and unmotivated become the future losers in this fast-paced age of technology, Listening to and reacting to customer needs and desires is paramount for corporate success, Remember that, Samsung.

@tkreidl @RubenRybnik

I have reached out to @Sqrt, the person from Octoblu who developed the original integration, to see if there is anything I can do to help. As we are an open platform, anyone could make a personal integration.

Awesome, thanks @jody.albritton … Yes, being an open platform is awesome, although after developing my own API implementation, tablet dashboard, and several other custom integrations it gets very time consuming to have to sit down and code out an integration every time I want to try something out. Some more officially supported integrations from Samsung would be nice, or at least enough “support” that I don’t have to code something starting from near scratch.

Appreciate you reaching out though, the community is great here!

Thank you, as well, Jody. The issue is in part that Samsung has to be the one who deals with the full acceptance of integration on their end. Octoblu put in for a publication request many, many months ago and didn’t hear back. I recently brought up this issue and after Octoblu tried once more, the response was “Sorry to hear that you haven’t received an update regarding your publication request. I was able to verify and confirm that SmartApp publications are currently on hold. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We’re hoping to start up again, but I don’t have an exact time frame for you." That’s not good enough. Magnus Ekenheim (VP Developer Program) has been contacted. This needed escalation as otherwise, nothing is going to happen unless there is engagement on all ends and those high up the corporate structure get involved. What in the world is “put on hold” supposed to mean other than a euphemism for nothing is happening? If that’s Samsung’s attitude, the public will seriously consider investigating other competitors’ solutions that already work and where the corporation is more interested in their customer base. People don’t have the time or resources to create personal integrations for everything. Octoblu is a huge player in IoT and it is unacceptable to ignore its official and supported integration. Shame on Samsung for purchasing SmartThings and leaving it to stagnate at this level of lack of basic support!

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I wholeheartedly agree and developers will find somewhere else to go if we don’t take care of them as well. The submission process is working again, albeit slowly, and I have spoken with Erik from Octoblu. Once the app is resubmitted for approval we will work on getting the integration approved.

This is truly appreciated. It sometimes takes some forceful words or jumping up the chain of command to get things in motion, but I am encouraged that your mindset is in the right place and see the value in this. Much obliged and I truly believe that a successful outcome will be of great mutual benefit. I hope also in the process any bugs can be ironed out so that the integration process really becomes seamless.
Best regards,

Are there any updates to report? I realize it’s only been a week, but it would be nice to hear what direction things are taking here. Thank you in advance.

Hi Tobias,

Apparently as we are just passing through device messages the approval process should be fairly quick once we have an updated version of the SmartApp submitted.

The github source link from the original message has been modified with some OAuth changes. There were some redirection fixes on the Octoblu side plus some API updates from the SmartThings side which needed to be made. If anyone received the error ‘This request is not authorized by the specified access token’ that message has been fixed by using getApiServerUrl() rather than a hard coded ‘graph.api.smartthings.com’ url.

Unfortunately we are short on functioning actuators so some end-to-end testing still needs to occur.
Any feedback that can be offered from using the updated app is greatly appreciated.


Thanks very much, Erik, that’s great news and I think the whole community appreciates this quick turnaround effort. The Oauth2 looks to have indeed been an early bug, so glad to see things getting sorted out with that. I can get the Octoblu community involved with more testing, if you need outside help in that capacity.
Best regards,

I was fortunate enough to hear Chris Matthieu give a talk about @OctoBlu today, and I approached him on the integration with SmartThings. He is an excellent speaker and he iterated his support and “love” for SmartThings. I can only hope that the feelings of affection are reciprocated from Samsung.

OctoBlu adds a whole new dimension and direction to automation (home and otherwise) and integration with “Things”.

Hope to see more here!

  • Nate