October 2020 - Changes to Event History

Starting on 26 October, we will begin releasing a change to our Event History.

Any Device that generates an event that does not comply with the Capability schema will no longer be stored in the event history. No official SmartApps will be affected by this change. We have evaluated the most popular community SmartApps and were unable to identify significant impacts.

Some custom Groovy SmartApps that reference a device’s historical event handlerName, rawDescription, or data may no longer work as expected. This is limited to SmartApps referencing the historical events; subscriptions of real time events will remain unaffected.

If you have custom SmartApp that is affected, provide a link below and our Developer Relations team will help you identify alternative solutions.


What about making it so we know what triggered an event?

  • Does also this affect historical events related to custom capabilities ?
  • Regarding published capabilities, will the specified historical events fields be accessible for them?

Hello @RBoy,
Custom capabilities will be stored and visible in the events history requests, but none of the records in the event history will have the three fields mentioned above.

Thanks for clarification. Does this also apply to the published capabilities?
Also, how long is the retention period of the events history?

Yes, this applies to all historical events. Standard/Published capabilities and Custom capabilities.
The retention period will remain the same as it is today - 7 days.

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A bit of a late response to this …

I could be talking utter Horlicks, but I think I might have just encountered this over on the webCoRE forum. A comparison like attributeName was 'aValue' for at least 10 seconds looks back through the device’s event history. So if attributeName turns out to be a custom attribute, something which webCoRE takes in its stride, rather than a stock or custom capability, that is now a broken piston.

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