Occupancy sensor (if one not available will this work)

I have a motion sensor that triggers my living room lights during certain times of the day. It works fine but I want the lights to be automatically turned off if there is no occupancy in the room. I have looked alot to find if there is a sensor that can detect occupancy. I have not been able to find anything anywhere.

My Thoughts: If I have 2 motion sensors mounted close to each other 1 and 2, is there any way I can detect if 1 was triggered first and then 2 to assume room is occupied and the reverse, 2 first and 1 next means room is not occupied (by a counter). Is there a way I can program my smart hub to work in this fashion?

You could use webcore to put some logic together. Will it work depends on how reliable the sensors are at triggering correctly and in a timely fashion. Most of these devices are very low power and therefore very slow. It may not be reasonable to expect to detect the timing difference as you walk in or out of the room unless there is a significant distance between the sensors. You should think in terms of a couple seconds to make a detection.

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You could check to see if Mike Maxwell’s zone manager will do this.

I wrote a SmartApp that uses contact sensors and/or motion sensors to set virtual presence sensors which keeps track of the room you’re in.

You can enter a room and the light will turn on and you can stay in that room for as long as you want without moving and the light won’t turn off until you enter another room.

It works OK, but only when there’s one person in the house.