[OBSOLETE] Zooz RGBW Dimmer (ZEN31)

The device has 4 inputs that you can wire the momentary switch to so which one is yours connected to?

Thanks Kevin for doing the hard yards and creating this DTH, I’m new here so may just be missing something, I am trying to get the “start program” feature working but I seem to be hitting a snag. At the moment the app shows that the program has started, but i am getting no response out of the controller. It used to work in the old app like everything else haha, i’m just wondering if the created Child devices for Starting programs i.e. the police program needs a specific Child DTH with the “startPoliceProgram” action (state “10”) instead of the standard Child Device “switch.on” action?

It would be a great feature to have working so I can integrate with the smartthings home monitor to have the police child device switch on when the alarm activates. I’m sure its something most have thought of!

Again, I’m new here so I might be missing something obvious?

The child device’s switch on command passes the device’s device network ID to the parent’s childOn command and the parent handler uses that ID to determine which program to start which is why it works with the generic child switch handler.

If you’re using a SmartApp like WebCoRE then you can call those start program commands directly instead of having to use the child devices.

There was a bug in some of my handlers related to the way the child devices were created which prevented them from working with the new mobile app, but this handler doesn’t have that bug or any comments indicating that I fixed it so it should work with the new mobile app.

Remove // from the log.trace line at the bottom of the code, open live logging, start a program, wait 30 seconds, stop the program, and then post the live logging results. That might show the reason it’s not working as expected.

Thanks for your quick response! That makes sense, I’ve only just started using WebCoRE so it will take a bit to get used to.

Ive attached a screenshot of the live log, it gets stuck starting the program. Ill work on it a bit more this evening when I’m Home. If i cant get it working through the SmartThings app tonight ill try it through WebCoRE

Screenshot 2021-01-21 131222|690x123

It’s executing the startProgram(10) command which is the same thing WebCoRE would be doing so don’t think that’s the problem, but it wouldn’rt hurt to try.

Do you have the “Send Color Related Events Immediately?” setting enabled?

Kevin, do you happen to be working on a custom plugin for this device for the new app to show the power meter? Btw, I replace my power supply with a 5 amp model and no longer have problem with the strip turning off due to voltage drop :slight_smile:

I have a lot of other projects on my plate right now so not any time soon.

In theory, removing the “vid” attribute from the handler will make it display the power meter tile, but it might also make the device appear offline and after changing the metadata it can be difficult to get ST to refresh the cache and show the new UI so it’s probably not worth it anyways…

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Which ramp rate setting controls ramp rate via zwave association? Local or remote?

I haven’t played around with associations for this device so I’m not sure, but if I had to guess I’d say remote, assuming the device has a configuration parameter for remote and that’s not something I’m simulating in the handler.

Yes, work fine with my fibaro rgbw 2 controller. One question about the 4 Imput. I do a test before assembly. With singurlar press button 1, 2,3,4 I can change ON/OFF every single channel of color , but I Need use only one button for power on or off all the light? :thinking: Is possible?
Other question about the button, I see change only with a single press. If I press dibble or more, or long press, no change. Do you think becouse fibaro is different of zooz or what? Please sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian and I never study English at school, only work and English forum by myself and my friend google traslatore :blush:

Other problem :thinking:. In the setting device, I can able to save the change. Changes are not saved, they always remain in this way “tap to set”
I try to delete device delete device handler revolt the hub, delete the smarthings app from my smartphone, but the problem remain. Any idea what to do?

I am having an issue where the White will not turn off without the Child being created. For example, without the child, if I try to go to a true color, it will stay on, which makes the color incorrect (basically a much paler version). Anyone run into this issue?

It is a new installation, so I thought it might be the controller and swapped it out for a new one. Set it up again and same problem. Thanks for your help.

SmartThings just messed up the enum preferences again which just broke 50+ of my handlers…


O my God. :sob:. And now?
If I can do anything to help the community please tell me, even if I doubt.
I think we have to wait, you have a time to upload your DH.
A symbolic beer on the way, as a thank you for your work :+1: @krlaframboise

it seems to be working again.
I take this opportunity to ask for information. Hoscelto Fibaro because it is the only device that can be set to remain off when the power returns, and also has the possibility of using the 4 buttons.
Now I ask you, how can I configure them?

I understand that I have to use these settings right? but can you explain to me how? I would simply like to be able to turn the LEDs on or off from a physical button on the wall. I was thinking of joining all the 1-2-3 input wires together and connecting them to a button along with the negative wire. It’s correct ? I say 1-2-3 because I understand that they are the color inputs, while 4 is the white input right? If so it should be fine because I use an RGB strip and not RGBW.
It would be simpler to be able to set a scene to run on pressing the button, but I don’t think it can be done. I would appreciate your help in setting this up. Thank you

They completely broke that feature so I knew they’d have to fix it at some point and I wasn’t about to add workarounds to any of my handlers, but I’m glad they realized how big of a problem that was and released an update today that fixed it.

If you’re attempting to use this handler with a Fibaro device instead of the Zooz model then I really can’t help you because the firmware isn’t the same…

I’m not sure if that would work or if it would even be safe to do, but if you’re not using W then that’s not necessary because when it’s in HSB Mode input 3 controls RGB together.

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The parent was designed to control the on/off and brightness of rgb and w together and the child devices could be used to control them separately.

When I wrote the handler ST didn’t automatically execute the “on” command when you changed the color so having color control in the parent didn’t cause problems, but with Automations you run into issues like the one you’re seeing.

The original handler I wrote for this device only supported controlling RGB and W separately and it didn’t support having white and color on at the same time. If those limitations won’t be a problem for you then I can send you that handler which might solve you’re problem.

Thank you @krlaframboise, I use Fibaro yes, but, all work fine, I think like a zooz. I try to change in HSB mode and use Imput 3 to on and off rgb :+1: work fine with setting not set in Imput 3 type and Imput 3 scene activation. Could you help me to Choose The best setting? :thinking: In the wall I have one switch, but I can change with a button if It allows different setting. Thank you

At least in my instance, even though it looks like they are not set, if you click on them, the settings appear to be saved.

I discovered the same issue and have set up my automations accordingly. For the RGB, I’ve mirrored one of my instances (I have three), and it is controlled by one set of automations (sunset on , later trigger off). I have a separate set of automations (can’t mirror the W) that allows me to turn the W on/off either separately or in conjunction with the RGB, which gives more light, but with a colored tint.