[OBSOLETE] Zooz RGBW Dimmer (ZEN31)

yes, in the settings for the main device you have the option to choose “create child switch for #### program”. Once those are set to true, you can then go back to the main dashboard and each one that you have enabled as true will be a new (child) device in your ST app.

wow, didn’t realize this was manufactured by Fibaro.

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Fibar group = Fibaro. I’m sure it does have different firmware.

Wow, I never noticed that before and my last response was completely wrong so I just deleted it…

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I was surprised at how tiny the module is. Here is my install:


I said the same thing the first time I opened it! This little device packs a serious punch! Also I use the same BTF lighting products that you have. Over time I have tested a number of them and landed on these in the RGBWW variety and been changing all of mine out.

I work in live entertainment production and over the years saved some of my more memorable passes. Here is the (entirely hand built, 5 feet X 4 feet) project that I finished that started all the back and forth in this thread :slight_smile:

@krlaframboise would you be able to implement color temperature capability similar to how this DTH handles it or would that require a firmware update?


That wouldn’t work with an RGBW controller and that functionality can’t be added through hardware or firmware…

I’m assuming that’s the handler for the Aeotec LED Strip which is a LED strip and a RGBW controller in one so it acts more like an RGBW Bulb then a RGBW Controller which is the only reason that handler is able to do that.

With the RGBW Dimmer, there’s only one channel for white and it accepts the values 0-255 and the value determines the brightness of that channel. The color temperature of the white channel is determined by the LED strip you buy.

Simulating color temperature with the RGB channels is possible, but it’s not worth the effort and this DTH is also really fragile so I’m not messing with anything that I don’t have to.

Setting R, G, and B to 255 produces a cool white color so if you purchase an led strip that has a warm white channel you’ll be able to produce both, but not through the color temperature capability.


I am considering moving to your handler for my Fibaros (assuming it’s compatible). At present I use a modified version of another handler that provides for remapping of the channels. This is helpful when the channels are not wired as expected. So, for example, you might want red but get green but the handler has prefs to fix that.

Does your handler handle this in any way?

This device was written for the Zooz model so I don’t know if it will work with the Fibaro and I won’t provide support for any issues you might run into.

That being said, the changes below might allow you you to swap the color channels, but I haven’t tested it and additional changes are most likely required if white is one on those channels.

  1. Swap the numbers of the colors on line 69:

  2. Swap the order of the colors on line 1110:

Okay, thank you.

Has anyone tried using a GE Dimmer Type switch to control intensity level of a ZOOZ by chance?

Using Z-wave associations? Or something else?

I have several Smart Lighting SmartApp mirror automations using a virtual dimmer switch to control multiple smart dimmers. I have mixes of brands and ever mixes of Z-wave and Zigbee dimmers.

so i bought a dimmer but since i like zooz so much i bought theirs and it was almost 20 cheaper than ge. looks almost exactly like it. could you expand on z-wave associations? i will def try this. i have 2 i want to do and if i can get it to work add more. it is just powered up right now and i use smart lighting to turn zooz rgb on/off. would love to be able to dim too.

I’ve tested this handler with physical toggle switches attached to the inputs and with digital control from the hub, but I didn’t test controlling it from other devices using associations.

It’s possible that if you control the device that way it won’t display the correct state or it could put the device into a state where you lose the ability to control it digitally…

You should be able to use Smart Lighting to dim white and color together using the parent device and/or the individual channels using the child devices…

I’m using the Zooz remote with the Zooz RGBW via Association groups and haven’t seen any ill side affects.


Slightly off topic, but I have the RGBW but haven’t set it up yet. I also picked up the new remote to play around with but have no real use for it. But I think you just gave me a use!

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Greetings @krlaframboise,

I’ve been using your handler since I bought the ZEN31 for a few weeks. One thing that seems to be reoccurring is it’s not reliably reporting that the LED light strip is VISUALLY off when I press physical toggle switch attached to the inputs to turn them off. I physically see it’s off, but ST still sees ZEN31 as ON too many times. I’m using the new app BTW (since we have no choice).

Is there something I might be missing in the settings perhaps?

Which inputs are you using with the toggle switch and which mode (RGBW or HSB) is it in?

Thanks for the reply.
Currently it’s connected and set to MOMENTARY SWITCH [DEFAULT]… which is what I actually have.
And mode is in HSB… which I believe I read it should be in for momentary switch.