[OBSOLETE] Zipato/Phileo Multisound Siren (PH-PSE02.US)

Thanks @krlaframboise l, All excited to test your code… .


You should have a received a link to the test version in a PM, but let me know if you didn’t.

@krlaframboise I overwritten the device handler, published and and followed your instruction… “Once you’ve published the test version, go into the device settings in the Mobile App, set Siren Sound to “Door”, set the Strobe Sound to “Beep”, and tap “Done”.” now both Siren and Strobe does not play anything at all … but Beep turns on Alarm.

@krlaframboise only executing Beep works, Siren and Strobe does not trigger any sound at all.above ar the logs

The manual says to use the “switch multilevel” command class, but that doesn’t work with the US version so that test was just to see if it worked with the EU version and apparently it doesn’t so I can cross that off the list of possible problems.

I just updated the test code so please update the code and try the siren, strobe, and both buttons to see if they do anything.

@krlaframboise exactly same behaviour as first version of test code…

Please verify that the top of the code you published says “Zipato Multisound Siren v1.5.test2” because I basically just put it back to the way it was originally so if anything, it should have behaved the same way as before you tried the test version.

it does

sorry it doesn’t

@krlaframboise Apologies for confusion … with Zipato Multisound Siren v1.5.test2 it is back to default behaviour, as before the test code…

@krlaframboise , Was there a Zipato Multisound Siren v1.5.test1 version, sorry it is 5ish inin the morning. Did not pay much attention to the versions of the code when I pasted.

no problem. I just posted test3. In theory, the siren button should play the door chime and the both button should play the police sound. If you press the both button a second time it should turn it off.

Edit: Don’t bother trying to change the settings, I have those two buttons hardcoded using a different method of playing the sounds just to see if it works.


it does exactly as you mentioned…

I’m not sure if it’s because you’re on a newer firmware version or the EU version, but yours requires the use of the notification report command class instead of the basic command class.

I’ll post a new version in a little while that should be fully functional for both versions of the device.

OK Just woke up to a new day :slight_smile: The version you PM’d me does indeed ignore the settings. Siren does door. Both does police. Beep does default, and won’t stop when toggled off. I see version for this test is Zipato Multisound Siren v1.5.test3


@krlaframboise Great stuff Kevin… will wait for new release…


I just posted another test version which I’m pretty sure is ready to go live, but I made some unrelated changes that I need to finish testing before I update the live version.

Please let me know if everything works in this version.

FYI, to play different sounds based on different events, you can select the device as an audio device in either SHM or Speaker Notify with Sound, choose “Custom” for the message and enter the name of the sound you want it to play or a number between 1 and 7.

@krlaframboise I tested your latest version. it works fine as standalone device, I could choose different sounds for different options.

However, when I try choosing to play different sounds based on different events, I am choosing “Custom” but when I try to choose as an Audio device , I cannot see Zipato as under audio device. Also I do not have speak Notify with sound option at all. Do I have to remove and re add the device for enable these options please ?

Yes, agreed. The Smartapp ‘Speaker Notify with Sound’ does not find any speaker device to select, so cannot be enabled. The Zipato Siren is not exposed as a speaker device.