[OBSOLETE] Z-Wave.me, Popp, & Devolo Wireless wall Controller & Key Fob (EU), with button controller dimming apps and CoRE integration

Thanks @AdamV

I’m just looking for the range of backplates and 2x buttons which match http://www.officenerd.co.uk/info/devolo-home-control-wall-switch-1267833?gclid=Cj0KEQjwjIy5BRClh8m_9Zu64d8BEiQAtZsQf_xbPITRhiPZ6-jBUyj1_KIxUZZRGhyHCeF58A_ZWoQaApyo8P8HAQ

Perhaps in a stainless steel or nickle?

Ok I’m going into a bit of detail that you don’t need here because it may be useful to others.

There are basically 2 types of these wall controllers (although a few different brands):

Type 1:

Z-Wave.me Secure Wall Controller

Type 2:

Z-Wave.me Secure Wall Controller 2
Popp Wall Controller
Devolo Wall Controller

In terms of face plates and rocker switches, they are compatible as follows:

Type 1:

Busch-Jaeger (DURO 2000, Reflex SI)
Kopp (HK05, HK07, Paris)
REV (Everlux, Arcada)

Type 2:

Gira (55 Standard, S55 E2, S55 Event, S55 Esprit, S55 Klassix)
Jung (AS 500)
Berker (S.1 B.3, B.7)
Hager (kalysto pur, kalysto art, kalysto stil)
Merten (1M, Atelier M, M-Smart, M-Pure, M-Pure-Decor, M-Plan I, M-Plan II)
Popp (Forever, Arcada)
Peha (Badora)
Legrand (Creo)

It is also possible to cut a Type 2 Controllers internal plastic bit to make it possible to fit into a type 1 face plate… which I have done in some places in my house to keep things consistent.

So… in answer to your question - here is one example from the site I mentioned that is compatible with your wall controller, that is metal:


There are other options as well…

Now, in terms of the rocker switches, you have to get one that is both compatible with the faceplate above AND also made for these types of wall controllers… On this site, they label them as for radio controllers… so it can be confusing. Here is an example of a rocker switch which would be compatible with these wall controllers:


It is unfortunately quite confusing - I wasted a lot of money buying different designs both to test the look and compatibility… but it was worth it in the end, I have glass faceplates and chrome buttons and it totally matches the aesthetics of the apartment. It is also possible to get double / triple and quadruple faceplates… which I have used in some places. It is also possible to integrate other devices into the same faceplates… in some places I have a double faceplate that contains one wall controller and one thermostat… very slick - these thermostats fit in them: http://www.heatit.com/


You are a true hero. Many people are after exactly what you explain in this thread. A wall switch which replaces their standard light switch, which can be customised.

I’ve got 3 Devolo wall switches now, and have replaced my actual light wall switches. The wife is very happy with the solution, but not so much with the bland white, she is however delighted at the different designs available.

This thread should be a sticky, and the device type / smart app published.

Thanks again,

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Just remember that metal casing and faceplates will make it much harder to get zwave signal to and from the device. Since these devices aren’t repeaters (Battery powered devices don’t repeat) that’s not quite as big a deal, but it may mean you have to put a repeater fairly close to the wall switch in order to get the messages through.

Plastic generally lets a lot more signal through, as does glass. Tinted glass can be a problem depending on the exact materials used to tint it.

So you may just have to experiment with placement and use of repeating devices if you want to use metal or tinted glass face plates.

Yep on this point I do find that the wall controllers at the back of my apartment are less responsive, sometimes I have to press twice.

Aeotec makes a repeater that you can plug into a wall socket… If I ever get fed up of the situation Ill buy one.

Also worth mentioning that when I started this thread, these were the only nice looking wall controllers I could find. I’m kind of stuck with them now (not that I’m interested in changing them) but for anyone coming to this thread who hasn’t installed anything permanent yet - remotec just released a pretty nice z wave scene controller in the EU

The remotec controller is available in the US is well. There’s already a community created device handler for it. Note that it is much smaller than it seems in most product pictures. Here’s Eric’s picture of it next to a minimote.

Also, as far as repeaters go, back in early generations of zwave we needed single-purpose devices for that, but now days pretty much any mains-powered Device except smoke sensors will work as a repeater.

Zigbee repeats only for zigbee, Z wave repeats only for zwave, so do check the protocol to make sure the repeating device is the same protocol as the one you’re trying to get signal to.

So it’s typically better to get a Z wave plus pocket socket or plug-in sensor rather then the old single purpose repeaters. You’ll get much better range with Z wave plus and you might as well get a second use out of the device.

The SmartThings branded pocket socket is zigbee so it won’t help with the popp wall controller, but there are lots of Z wave ones available.

OK complete novice here,

I downloaded the following two link from amazon after getting the ZME_KFOB-S

I have got Smartthings to add the ZME_KFOB-S, but getting really bogged down with how I add the buttons to devices, any plain English instructions would be much appreciated.

To be honest… that should be the most intuitive step!

Go to smartapps --> tap the app that you want to use (either my one or the one that you pasted here), then follow the instructions

Yes, I have set it up via the iphone, but the buttons seem none responsive on the fob, I also set it up as a simulator in smartthings and it all seems to work? where is your code?

My code is the first post - along with full instructions

I would suggest that you exclude and factory reset the fob first, then follow the instructions in the first post

Ok thanks for that, getting the same result with your code. so steps taken
rest fob - Button 3 - Factory Default Reset. After clicking on button 3 keep button 4 pushed for 4 seconds
press all four buttons then double click is used for network wide inclusion
Fob is found by ST
go to apps and install my apps - Button controller with dimming, double clicks, & click-holds

When I go back to fob and press button nothing is happening not even a light on the fob??

Obviously doing something wrong??

ok - firstly with the factory reset… you went into management mode first I assume (on the fob by pressing / holding all 4 buttons)?

secondly - when the fob is found by st… what device does it report it as?

Hi yes management mode by pressing / holding all 4 buttons
then Button 3 - Factory Default Reset. After clicking on button 3 keep button 4 pushed for 4 seconds

Then management mode by pressing / holding all 4 buttons
Then Button 1 - Inclusion/Exclusion: Every inclusion or exclusion attempt is confirmed by hitting this button. Single Click is used for standard inclusion and exclusion, double click is used for network wide inclusion
I use double as single does not seem to find the fob

Comes up as Z-Wave Device
and that’s as far as I get,
Need some guidance after I get this far please.


Ok gotcha.

I’m assuming that you have already installed the device handler code that you posted above? If so then do this:

Go to the IDE / online management portal - and go to the devices tab, then find your device (whatever you named it), click on it, then click edit, then under the device handler pull down menu select the name of that device handler that you posted above, then save. Then in the app - find the device - the device handler will probably have a button called “configure” - put your wall controller back into inclusion mode and hit the configure button. If it works you’ll see the light on the controller flash green / red a few times. Now your device is set up. To use it (pair it to lights or blinds or whatever you want to use it to trigger) you need to use an app. The app that you posted above should work, so just follow the instructions in the app, whereby you name the automation and then go through each button (1-4) and decide what you would like to happen when you push or hold or double click or click hold any button)

Would be nice to specify on or off rather than toggle.
I want to use a button to turn off all specific lights before i go to bed :slight_smile:

Dear all,
Thank you for extensive info. I have gone through thead and installed device handler in order ton control my ebay purchased POP outlet. Considering it is a second hand, it is probably paired.

I have tried to configure it with ST by pressing on its button 3 times on a row and then launching identification via the ST App, but unsuccessful.

Considering I am new, if anyone has gone through this before. Would it be possible to guide me how to reset the POP outlet as a start ( its document does not explain clearly ( like how many seconds to press).
Any guidance to make it work is welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you !

Pressing 3 times in a row does not sound like the correct procedure… unless you have a few different device to what this thread is for… what is the exact device that you have?

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Hi Adam,
The exact device is : POPP 123597 67F. It is this exact model :

Ok - firstly… this device is not relevant to this thread at all… This thread is for Wall Button controllers!

Anyway - I happen to have a variant of your device so may be able to help - so PM me to continue this conversation… Try doing a general z wave exclude on that device first

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I have Schneider/merten connect 2 gång Burton and get this fault:
> 30aedbd8-51a7-4458-bc7c-c1ee4d15b686 19:35:06: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script14732684221311574595646.zwaveEvent() is applicable for argument types: (physicalgraph.zwave.commands.basicv1.BasicSet) values: [BasicSet(value: 255)]
> Possible solutions: zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.basicv1.BasicReport), zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.batteryv1.BatteryReport), zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.centralscenev1.CentralSceneNotification), zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.sceneactivationv1.SceneActivationSet), zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.securityv1.SecurityMessageEncapsulation), zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.switchmultilevelv1.SwitchMultilevelGet) @ line 71

Any help?