[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

This looks really promising. I have a gateway v2 and I got into the developer mode and can see the info on my sensors. Maybe there is a way to hook into the gateway and from the gateway then to the SmartThings hub? The xiaomi gateway and their device are very robust, I’ve been running them for more than 2 weeks now and they haven’t skipped a beat.

I could not get the Zigbee plug to pair at all. Motion sensor pair well after a couple tries

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Button pairs well. One long press and multiple short press.

I also have a Xiaomi Hub, it recognize 3 events for the button, single press, double press and hold. I checked the device handler and it only recognize 2 events, press and hold. I checked the log and it seems like it does not log anything when i double press the button.So i guess there’s no way to add the that extra event?

Hi to everyone,i would like to ask if anybody uses the motion sensors and getting except motion also a reading of temperature,i would like to put 3 of this sensors around the house but i really need the temperature readings also,as they are cheap enough.

i’m afraid there are no temperature reading from the sensor. I have their Temperature/Humidity zigbee sensor but unfortunately, they won’t pair with ST. So I’m just using them with Xiaomi hub

Shoot I just ordered a couple of the Temp/Hum sensors, thought they would work…

Maybe @AlmostSerious could add a double tap event - that would make it even better. The fact that it doesn’t register a double tap as 2 single button presses seems positive to me - hopefully a change to the device handler could enable this.

I see held events in my event log, but how do you use the ‘held’ event to an automation? I looked at ‘Smart Lighting’ in the Marketplace, and it doesn’t allow me to select ‘held’ as a trigger (only pushed)


Just wondering of the people who were able to find the Motion sensor do you have a Philips Hue Bridge as well? It seems like they aren’t using the ZHA protocol and maybe the Hue Bridge ZLL is interfering with the initial pairing.

I’ve tried to pair it but nothing shows up in the “Add Things” screen after trying multiple reset/pairing sequences for like 10-20 mins.

I can’t speak for the motion sensors. I don’t have Phillips Hue and have tried a temp/humidity sensor and it doesn’t pair.

I have hue and a motion sensor, takes a while to get it to pair.

I’ll second that. I have Hue and I also have a working motions sensor but it took ages to pair.

It seems like ST is not receiving any information for double tap event. The Parse command is not called at all.

The only thing that pairs is Door/Window sensor, motion and button. Plug and temp sensor does not. Smart Button can actually be modified into a cheap smoke / gas detector. I’m working on that

Hi @Rave,
Appreciate if you can share me the device code of the door sensor. I think the thread owner has been removed it from his repository.
Thanks a lot.

It’s here

I am very interested in how you could modify the button into a smoke detector, is there some link you can share where I could study?

Thanks all that replied.

I managed to get the motion sensor to pair and it seems to have stayed connected through the night and detected motion in the morning.

I have my Hue Bridge next to my ST Hub but just unplugged the Hue while I was trying to pair it. This time it only took around 5 mins. I just did the hard reset and just keep on pushing the button until it showed up.

Any idea why the plug & Temp sensors don’t pair?

If you teardown the smart button, you’ll see that there’s a mini push button with 6 pins. If you short the pins, it is essentially the same as pushing the button physically.

I purchased a module here so i don’t have to do all the circuitry (only for china though) but they’re yet to reach.

here’s the video of it in action (chinese)

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Wow, i’m getting there. Temp Sensor won’t pair automatically but i managed to Add a New Devices manually from the IDE by providing the Zigbee Id and Network Id. I’m working on a Device Handler now. You can get Network Id from the Hub log. For the Zigbee Id, I only managed to get it from Xiaomi Hub.

Data comes in as
Parsing ‘read attr - raw: 5C14010000240500420E6C756D692E73656E736F725F6874, dni: 5C14, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0000, size: 24, attrId: 0005, encoding: 42, value: 6C756D692E73656E736F725F6874’

Updated log
Parsing ‘humidity: 41.73%’
Parsing ‘temperature: 27.24’

Using a generic Temperature Device Handler, and i did it!