[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

Yes indeed your correct. They basically said to me: Not official/supported device. No support possible from us:

As the devices and handlers involved aren’t official, there isn’t too much assistance that we would be able to provide on this front as we wouldn’t be able to look in to how they work and how they communicate with one another. I can see that you have posted for assistance on the community and this would be the best place to look for help, as there may be other users who have the same (or similar) set up to yourself and have figured out what may be happening.

I apologise that I wasn’t able to be of more assistance, however, with custom devices in play there’s not much assistance we can provide.

Very disappointing… while i can understand their point of view, it is contradictory to what Smartthings as an open Platform wants to be.

Shame :frowning:

What about approaching the support request in a different way - describing the issue so that the problem is not specific to a particular device. From what I’ve read, the problem goes beyond the Xiaomi devices, and if Smartthings could sort this out - it would make the whole platform more attractive to prospective customers.

If the problem could be described in more general terms, highlighting the fact that the behavior of the hub does is not in accordance with expected behavior of the HA1.2 standard (for example) - they might give it more attention?


What do they mean by this, by the way?
Can’t they order one from China like the rest of us?


There’s no indication that these devices are HA 1.2 compatible. Probably explains why they are so very inexpensive.

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So after an hour I can’t even get the ST app to detect a Smart Button. I’ve tried short presses, long presses but all to no avail.

Which made me re-read the thread… what about the Hue aspect? Is it possible that the Xiaomi stuff is Zigbee LL?? and maybe that’s why it’s not working? Perhaps some can connect devices in the same way you can directly connect a Hue bulb or the FLS-PP ballast? Just a thought? I’m not even sure I’m not talking rubbish here, just throwing it out there.

Do those of you that have seen success have Hue installed?

Well, I’m not having success. (Hard to connect, and then disconnects after 1 hr)
I have 1 Zigbee Hue Lux Bulb directly connected to my hub, but no Hue bridge. I don’t think I have “Hue installed” (what does that mean?)


This. :arrow_up:

SmartThings is officially certified as a zigbee coordinator using the Zigbee Home Automation 1.2 (ZHA) profile.

If you use zigbee devices not certified for the same profile, they are unlikely to work. They may pair, but after that there’s no telling.

It’s not something SmartThings engineering staff could be expected to address–there’s a reason for third party standards, and if you’re starting with a device which isn’t using that standard, incompatibilities are very likely.

The zigbee standard allows for the use of many different profiles, including manufacturer-proprietary ones. They aren’t interchangeable, and they don’t all use the same addressing or networking schemes.

If you want less expensive certified ZHA devices, the Orvibo line is good. :sunglasses:

(And, no. Xiaomi isn’t using ZLL, either. Zigbee is very popular for home automation devices in China, but most of them are not certified and are using their own proprietary encoding. A certified ZLL device will, per the standard, fall back to ZHA when joined to a certified ZHA coordinator. That’s what happens with Hue bulbs connected directly to the ST hub. But the xiaomi devices aren’t ZLL certified, either.)

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Just picked up a motion sensor just for the fun of it, wow these are tiny!

Xiaomi uses NXP’s JN516x microcontroller not sure if that helps anyone out getting these to work better, Data sheet is here

For connecting i had much more success if i did the following:
Long press reset (5seconds) until the lights blink shortly.

Then quick presses 3x or even more… didn’t figure out yet the exact amount of times you need to press. If i do this, im usually able to pair them pretty quickly.

Hi everyone. I just got a bunch of xiaomi devices.

  • gateway
  • temperature & humidity sensor
  • window/door sensor
  • button switch
  • PIR sensor
  • camera
  • robot vac on the way

Seem to be working fairly well with it’s app and gateway.Found my way here while googling. I looked around and it appears there is some sort of API for the smart home devices in Chinese. I haven’t had time to read it but some one has also created some android app too. I could be on the wrong track completely but I thought I’ll share the info incase it helps!

So far I’m planning to combine the xiaomi app together with Tasker on android to automate things that the xiaomi app can’t do. It would be awesome to have an open solution though!

here is the link to 'xiaomi smart home open platform’
also someone’s app on GitHub

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The Motion sensor is also advertised by Xiaomi as a night light, anyone have any idea how to go about adding LED functionality to the DH.

I know these don’t work for beans but still like to try and see if something like Garden Hue might keep it active when it gets a constant command…

I’m looking to add a couple window sensors. Are these stable enough now that you would recommend them out the motion sensors?

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Nope. Not at all. Still buggy… hoping that the new Zigbee FW update will help but probably shouldn’t get my hopes up

Gearbest has a 2 pack of the door/window sensors for $6.99 with free (slow) shipping. I have an Xiaomi temp/humidity sensor that won’t pair but I figured I’d give these a shot anyway.

I just tried pairing the Button again after the recent Zigbee Firmware update.
So far it keeps on working for more than 12hours.

I now have to try adding the other items as well :slight_smile:

Please keep us posted. I’d order a couple of these and some smart buttons as well if they worked reliably.

I cancelled the order. I kept looking at the temp sensor on my nightstand and decided I didn’t need another useless item (or 2) sitting there :smile:.

Keep us posted!!

I reconnected my button tonight. It was the usual painful process of many resets on the button.
It has been connected, left untouched and then tested working again 2.5 hours later - first time it has ever worked after more than a 60 minute idle period.

(Hub zigbeeFirmware: 2.3.4)

Sounds promising