[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

Got four motion sensors added them in using the catchall id and two door sensors.

The door sensors are working great so far, the motion sensors are all stuck on No-Motion…
Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?
Have feeling it might be device handler related, will keep playing around.

BTW Rave and A4Refill and everyone that contributed great job folks!

You don’t need to use the catch all method for the motion sensors. Just load the dth and pair.

Apologies. I can’t seem to find a clear answer. Are the door sensors working reliably? Further up this thread i can see people were having trouble with disconnects but further down it seems some people are not having any issues.

Thanks folks.

I have one fitted that has been working for a month.
It has never disconnected in that time.
It has once not reported the door being closed. (I have a piston that tells me if the door has been left open for 15 minutes).
But that is all.
Working well for me.

I can honestly say the contacts are way more reliable than the smartthings multisensor for detecting opening closing of doors. I’ve been let down by the smartthings sensor still reporting temp and vibrations but “forgetting” to report openings so many times now.

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Excellent. Thank you. I have a couple of Smartthings Multisensors and find them to be pretty reliable. It’s good to hear these will be as good if not better. I plan to use one on my mail box and the rest (I’ve oredered 5) on my windows. I do eventually plan to have one on every window and door in my house.

Thanks for the reply, buddy and thanls for the handler.

You need to be careful with mailboxes especially if they are metal ones. Plenty of threads in this forum about difficulties getting contact sensors working regardless of brand.

Well its actually my door letter slot and it’s plastic so I should hopefully be OK. Thanks for the heads-up

Guys, just a little off-topic:

I was using my LG g2 as a presence sensor and use it to determine when leaving/ arriving home.
It was great cause it was working to start my “everyone left routine” and activate status “armed away” or “unarmed”.

Now I’ve changed phone, have a Xiaomi m5s and it never worked again. I’m getting false alarms cause it does not detect when I’m home. I mean, if I check the device status it says present, but the routine does not work right away and I get an intrusion alarm (cause of the door sensor I have).

Are you guys using smartphones like presence sensors and working ok?

This is way off topic. Please have a look here.

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On the new phone did you add it as a presence sensor and include it in all the places/routines/smartapps your other phone was?

Have 3 smartphones as presence sensors and no issues. It is a pain upgrading a phone and getting everything stup in ST again, but just takes a little time.

It’s weird, but ‘pretty reliable’ actually means: not reliable.
If a sensor doesn’t report 1 out of 10 times, i consider it unreliable. It should be reporting 10 out of 10 times. So far the Xiaomi’ door sensors haven’t let me down.

Pretty (ready: very) good stuff so far.

Thanks for the reply Jimmy these sensors are a pain to pair.
I have just deleted them all out of smart things and left the dth configured under “My device handlers” but getting them paired isn’t working very well.

Will keep on trying from reading the thread others are pressing the reset really fast, others are holding it in for three seconds.

Press the reset button for about three seconds until the light flashes. Then just keeping pressing the reset button (don’t hold it in this time). This seems to work well.

Paul, I feel like a idiot now have it all working…
What I didn’t realize my Hub is located in a server rack, the plumbers have planted 4 double radatiors in front of my cabinet which was blocking the signal.

Moved all the rads, opened the rack, held the reset for three seconds then hit reset about 20 times or so and they showed up perfect.

Thanks again for all the help, next time I will check my rack isn’t blocked with a ton of other metal objects doh lol :slight_smile:


my button lost connection a few hours later… doesn’t seem to be reliable yet… =/ motion sensor works well though…

Hello. New ST user here and I have a few questions about these Xiaomi devices. My main aim is to secure my house. Would the motion sensor and the door/window sensor be a good choice for securing my house? I am aware of the pairing hassle and more interested in what you think about function for security. I already have a wired burglar alarm, but it is an old one without internet access. It is a pain to activate it on a daily basis. I was hoping i could use my ST hub to do this automatically for me with Home/Away modes using my phone as a presence device or via the app.
Any input is appreciated before I go crazy and order tons of these devices.

Cheers from Sweden.

In my opinion, I think your question should be more like…“is the ST platform suitable for home security”. (And that’s a topic for another thread…and already discussed in many)

In theory these devices function as well as any other - although long term performance is still under test as these devices are still quite new…but feedback so far seems that once you’ve paired them (which is not a hassle at all by the way) they appear to stay connected.

So they perform the same function as other devices that pair with ST…they report motion and report whether a window or door is open. However…whether ST is a good solution for home security is another question…I wouldn’t use it for that…but many do.

Thank you for your fast response. I understand the risks of using ST as a security system. I would use it together with my wired alarm system, But it would be useful to have it working automatically when going out for a short time not activating the other system. I will order a few units and see how they work.
Just need to find a siren that works with ST.

Most of the new smart alarm system will use zwave or zigbee tech. Is it because of the xiaomi sensors?
What happens with xiaomi devices when there is a hub update?
What happens to all devices and device handlers that are not oficial?