[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

I’m using a generic temperature and humidity sensor

I bet it is. ST is extremely slow for me, but xiaomi is quick and snappy. That’s probably because i live in China now. I’m using IOS and it never crash for me though. The interface is much better but let’s not change this thread into a ST vs Xiaomi :slight_smile:

I’ll be testing all these devices and see if it works in Home Assistant

No. ST does not show Zigbee id during pairing. But once it is paired, it will then send the results which includes the Zigbee id to the cloud.

Zigbee id doesn’t change. So if you have paired it previously and you have not deleted the device, you can get the Id from the device page

North Vancouver, BC

I have the same experience too. When internet dies the app won’t be able to connect to the server in China but all the zigbee sensors are all local. Hence as long as the gateway is powered, you still can secure the place. I’m planning to plug my gateway into an UPS. The wifi devices all work on LAN hence all of them still work

David, brilliant work on getting it to work with ST. If we can get it to work without Internet that would be perfect for home security. Otherwise to be 100% safe then a backup 4G connection is needed to be connect to the router.

I’m in Australia and xiaomi is quick and snappy too. It is definitely an internet issue.Basically the app need to connect to some server in China. Hows your internet connection in general?

None of the plugs have dropped off the mesh so far?
Any sensors dropped?

I don’t get Zigbee ID but i got Device Network ID and i get reporting, well on one of them now as the second is added and showing status “Online” (vs “Active” with the good sensor) in IDE but no reporting.

One thing i noticed I cant get the temp sensor to go from single to double flash, or vice versa, after paired and running. But if ST is in pairing mode, e.g. “Add a Thing” it will change between modes.

Hi, I have problem with installing the MiHome smart home android app that is in play store. It says “.Your device isn’t compatible with this version” when I try to install it from the play store. I’m running MeMu 5.1 android simulator as I don’t have any android phone/tablet.

What version of MiHome is working for you and is there a place to download the apk for that version to workaround the play store issue? TIA.

So far so good, the only inactive items are EcoBee’s sensor, but those “inactive” seems to only mean there’s no motion detected by the EcoBee motion sensor (and they are not directly connected to Smartthings anyways). Anyone got an idea how EcoBee sensors detects motion? It seems to be really weird, I’m not sure if it is detecting sound or something, but I’m quite sure it is not PIR motion detection…

I saw that once, where a Xiaomi sensor was connected, working fine, and only displays Network ID and not Zigbee ID… I felt that was weird and deleted that and reconnected it again. After reconnection, the ZigBee ID becomes visible.

I dont have an Android phone either so I needed a simulator too.
I’m using Bluestacks. It runs the Xiaomi home app. Haven’t fully tested it yet because I’m still waiting on the hub.

@RInkelk Thanks for that information on the Mihome app running fine in Bluestacks emulator. What version is the MiHome app you have running? I may have to go download bluestacks just to extract the MiHome apk to install on my MeMu emulator.

Running MiHome 3.9.20. Not sure which version is required, i just downloaded it from the Play store inside the emulator.

I tried to pair the Temp/Humid sensor again last night, I don’t have the Xiaomi gateway just the ST Hub.

I did the long press to get it to single flashes and continue to press the button every 5 seconds to keep it blinking and then after 10-20 second it switches to double flashes and continues to do that each time I press the button.

I’m assuming it detected the ST Hub but in the ST App doesn’t show any new devices.

I check the Hub event log and see the CatchAll event but it doesn’t seem to recognize the zigbee ID but I think it detects the Cluster ID though.

I’m curious with people who got it paired without Xiaomi gateway, did the ST Hub just find the zigbee ID by itself after a bunch of tries?

Thanks for the version#. I’ll go install bluestacks tonight to get the MiHome app.

BTW if someone can comment, what’s the response speed of the motion sensors with ST?

If you are just talking about how fast it shows as active from inactive on the ST App. I would say that is comparable to the the speeds of the ST Motion sensor, maybe a second or two.

I don’t have it set to turn on a light when motion is detected but I can test it out when I get home.

Please do, I have 10 of these on order for various things :grin:

They are faster than the monoprice multi sensors. all i have to compare to.

Im sure the first one i got paired had Zigbee ID but i ended up resetting it and when paired the second time i didn’t get the Zigbee ID. I have to one that is paired, “active”, & reporting the second is paired and “online” but not reporting, both only have Device Network ID in IDE.