[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

damn…just hate this kind of forum… LOL cant just link to a previous… well…

@brumster it doesn’t report battery… but thats the only DH i could found here… with such a long post it’s really hard for a newbie to find anything here…
but it works… i have some doubts about humidity sensor, but i’ve just received a new one and gonna use it to compare…

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Does this work with smarttthings?

Xiaomi Magic Cube

Yep. Installed one this morning!

Everything you need to know is here:

What’s that for??

The Xiaomi cube ???

One of these: http://xiaomi-mi.com/mi-smart-home/xiaomi-mi-smart-home-cube-white/

Probably best to consider it as a 6 function button (but slightly cooler IMO). I intend to use for control of lights in the lounge via some simple CoRE rules.

They are not expensive either!

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For the Xiaomi Cube, you may refer to link below

Already linked above.

I’m in the UK and looking to get apme contact and motion sensors.
Amazom uk is not showing anything and ebay are all posted fron China.
Where are you uk peeps getting them from.

Contact sensors available from eBay in Salford I think:

I use Banggood.com. Check the EU warehouse as opposed to the Chinese one, if you can get them from there the delivery is usually quite good.

Thanks fot that. Don’t know why my eBay search didn’t find them.
Still can’t find UK supplier for motion sensors.

No, still not found one. Depends how desperate you are and what quantity you want.

Banggood.com will ship them in 7 days if you pay for the shipping, might be worth it if you want more than one?Possibly the same with TinyDeal.

Let us know how you get on if you order.

Out of stock on Banggood.com.

HI. … are you looking for these?

Original Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor - SMART HUMAN BODY SENSOR

Yep, in the UK if possible, if not somewhere with expedited delivery…

They are on sale (just bought one for £8.58) at gearbest with free delivery

Depending on how quick you need them, it might be worth a bash

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If you need a link

Did you get any indication of a delivery date?

15 to 35 days

Not the quickest

@bobbles this is the best I can find.

TinyDeal, if you ordered 3 and selected DPD Express (5-10 days) they’d cost you £13.26 each

Hmm. Not bad. I’ll have a look.