[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

Are there lights? Is the battery easy to get to?

Yes. A LED the says just that, LED. There is also a hole that says LINK which takes a pin and when held in, resets the device, I think. Now to play!!!
Catchall has appeared when pressing the LINK button with a pin.
Now to set it up and see if it works.

Let me know how you paired it.

Held a pin in the LINK hole and the LED flashed a bit, when solid on then went out.
Started pairing by pressing ADD A THING.
Kept pressing the LINK button and a catchall appeared in the events log.
Stopped the pairing.
Went back into ADD A THING, pressed the link button again and it appears as a THING with the correct DH.
Need to test it.

Did you use the catchall code, or it just found the DTH? I’m lost. LINK button is the hole in the bottom?

It just found it on the second attempt but gave it a different device network ID.
Just need to play to see whats happening.

OK and the link button is the hole in the bottom, correct? Just post here your test results.

Nope. Take the cover off and the LED and the link are there.

OK then the link hole is different than the link button. I was a bit confused from the above directions. Mine I hope will be here Tuesday.

Take the back off.
You can then see the battery, an hole that says LED and behind it is an LED, and a hole that says LINK above it.
I put a safety pin in the LINK hole and because of the pressure the button of the device is pressed and also as the pressure increases, the button that is in the LINK hole clicks.
Then the LED will flash as I have described above.
It will become obvious when you have a look.
The hardest part was taking the back off.
The is a small lug type thing that needs to be lifted to allow the back to turn so that it comes off.
I have written a quick piston that if the button is pressed it turns a light on, but if held (this is configurable for the amount of time it is held in the DH), it turns it off.

When you get it I’m sure it will all become apparent.

OK great, I guess once I open it up I will see all this. I am a visual person I usually need a picture.

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Update on my Temp sensors… For 3 of my sensors I used the Catchall … one I was able to link to My Hub.
WELL all 3 that I did the catch all went off line. So I deleted them and re added them. They came up as THING
with no Device Handler. I went into the Graph.ide site and put the proper settings and Wala they came up.
When I get a chance Ill be posting a video (with screen caps on my iPad and my Mac) on how I did it.
What I found funny is I now control a neighbors GE Link lights :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I don,t add DH button of bspranger! The error IDE is “Updated 0 devices and created 0 new devices, 0 published (1 skipped due to errors)”

I have the same problem, but I installed it from the code. But still want the GitHub integration. I posted about this way up in the thread. I hope @bspranger takes a look.

There is a teeny tiny blue LED in the back that lights up through a pinhole if it’s the original round buttons.

Thanks for the reply.
Yep. Found all that eventually. Put all the info in a post on the thread.

I have fixed the issue with the button DH loading from github. It should work with the original button and the aqara. I am not sure because up until today I did not own either.

I purchased an aqara and received it today. I will monitor my button and fix the DH as necessary.

Thank you.

I have started an all inclusive thread for the Xiaomi Zigbee sensors. Please refer to this thread.

Please stop posting to this thread and move over to the new one.


Hi, I was able to add aqara motion sensor
It’s listed as ‘thing’ during detection and as ‘tiles missing’ once added. I noticed it’s missing device type so I modified to xiaomi aqara in ST IDE and it’s working properly now.

But I can’t seem to get battery level or lux (0).
Anything i else I need modify on the device settings?