[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

[UPDATE] “Original” Xiaomi Button DTH v1.3

(For Xiaomi’s round button, model WXKG01LM)

This release adds support for previously hidden functionality that is being “revealed” with firmware version 0.25.20. Because firmware 25.20 (which is being deployed starting March 6 2019) is required, this new DTH should only be used by SmartThings Hub v2 and v3 users.

[UPDATE] Aqara Button DTH v1.4b BETA

(For models WXKG11LM (original / new revisions) and WXKG12LM

This release fixes “broken” functionality for the original revision of Aqara Button model WXKG11LM due to a change in firmware version 0.25.20 (which is being deployed starting March 6 2019). However, this new DTH also adds multi-click functionality for the same Aqara Button model, which was not available in previous firmware versions.

NOTE: These updated DTHs only work with Firmware 25.20 or newer, which is currently only available for SmartThings v2 or v3 Hubs.

Please see this post for details and links to the updated DTH code.

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