[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

There are a lot of comments in various threads about how difficult it is to pair the devices to the hub…this has not been my experience now I use the below method
(It WAS more difficult when I was using the ‘pressing the reset button multiple times for extended periods before and after discovery’ method)

I have found adding the Xiaomi devices very easy and reliable using the catchall method. Although this method has been described several times, elsewhere, let me summarise:

From within the app: Things > Add a Thing (This starts the Hub searching for new devices)

With your Xiaomi device close to the hub:

  • Hold the reset button for a few seconds and release, then click the reset button briefly (these two steps may be slightly different for each device, but this sequence has worked for me on the buttons, cube, motion sensors, contact sensor - I have not found it necessary to press the reset more than twice as described)
  • Open the IDE
  • Go to ‘My Hubs’ and select your hub.
  • Scroll down the page until you see the link to ‘List Events’
  • Click on ‘List Events’
  • Under the name column, look for a ‘catchall’ around the time you pressed the reset button
  • Hover over the catchall entry and you will see the long string of digits
  • Take a note of the 4digit (combination of letters and/or numbers) appearing after the long string of 0’s and 1’s


  • Select ‘Devices’ in the IDE
  • Click on ‘New Device’

Fill in the fields:

  • Give the device a name
  • Add the 4 digit ID you found above ad the ‘Network ID’ (the ‘Zigbee ID’ can be anything - I use the same as for the Network ID)
  • Under ‘Type’ - choose your device handler
  • Fill in all the other fields
  • Click ‘Create’